Chapter Five

5.2 Strategic Themes and Action Plans

5.2.4 Enlarge Capacity for Knowledge Transfer and Entrepreneurship

Action Plans Strategic Areas
4.1 Capitalise on our cross-East-West position and strong connections with the Mainland government, industry and universities to build multi lateral, cross-sector collaborations to develop innovation and knowledge transfer.
Student learning and career development
Research and technology transfer
Branding, image and culture
4.2 Help establish Hong Kong as a global hub for research and innovation; seek partnerships with Global 500 companies, leading Mainland companies, and with emerging high-tech companies; facilitate entrepreneurship, technology ventures, and industry engagement to enhance economic and societal impact.
4.3 Enhance the University's Innovation Commons as an interdisciplinary initiative to provide a physical and online platform to facilitate the worldwide collecting, searching and sharing of information; to build global networks; and to provide professional advising to faculty and students on knowledge transfer and entrepreneurship.
4.4 Set up a strategic policy framework and a robust peer review system to enhance support for high-quality innovation and entrepreneurship and to facilitate CityU's advancement toward being an innovative and entrepreneurial university.
4.5 Formulate and articulate CityU's goals and criteria for innovation and knowledge transfer to take into full account the special nature and context of different disciplines and to create appropriate incentives and mechanisms to promote and recognise outstanding contributions from diverse disciplines.
4.6 Build multilateral collaborations with overseas institutions to widen the overall reach and impact of our work both in Hong Kong and internationally to maximise value for society from our education and research.
4.7 Support and promote the development of distinctive massive open online courses.
4.8 Provide all research students with training and opportunities to broaden their skills in preparation for careers both within and outside academia, in addition to creating new knowledge as part of their degree requirements.
4.9 Enhance engagement with industry, government, business and other end-users of research to promote knowledge transfer and commercialisation.
4.10 Create learning spaces designed to allow students to pursue their own ideas and create new knowledge, and offer workshops in entrepreneurship know-how and training in writing grant proposals, business plans, and making public presentations under the guidance of experienced faculty, staff and alumni.
4.11 Expand service learning programmes, sustainability initiatives and opportunities for experiential learning to nurture a culture of community engagement, ethical awareness and social responsibility.