Chapter Five

5.2 Strategic Themes and Action Plans

5.2.3 Strengthen Internationalisation and Global Partnerships

Action Plans Strategic Areas
3.1 Mandate regular review of all our academic programmes to ensure rigour and competitiveness, benchmarked against top international universities.
Student learning and career development
Campus planning and development
3.2 Expand the development of joint degree programmes with prestigious international universities to deepen internationalisation of learning and global outreach.
3.3 Evaluate and strengthen effectiveness of our exchange and internship programmes to enhance competency, employability and career opportunities for our graduates.
3.4 Improve our international student recruitment strategy and student support services to enhance student intake quality and diversity.
3.5 Explore the re-development of the University staff quarters as a possible joint venture with the private sector to provide new space for strategic initiatives, including an international conference centre and a programme in hotel management as proposed in the Campus Master Plan.
3.6 Promote and support student-initiated projects to deepen internationalisation and integration of local and non-local students.
3.7 Strengthen and leverage local, regional, and international partnerships in industry and higher education to provide more opportunities for enriching teaching and learning.