Chapter Five

5.2 Strategic Themes and Action Plans

5.2.2 Expand Interdisciplinarity and Team-based Research to Address Global Challenges

Action Plans Strategic Areas
2.1 Provide students with solid training in their subject disciplines and create opportunities for interdisciplinary learning and collaboration to develop interdisciplinary perspectives and analytical skills.
Research and technology transfer
Campus planning and development
Branding, image and culture
2.2 Expand our faculty size and our graduate programmes to increase capacity for research and innovation to contribute to interdisciplinary research.
2.3 Increase our external grants and raise incentives to recognise faculty success in competing for team-based, high-level research projects, securing prestigious external funding and leading innovation in education.
2.4 Align our internal allocation of research postgraduate students with the UGC allocation criteria, to significantly increase our research degree student numbers and to strengthen our research capacity.
2.5 Institute innovative financial support schemes, strengthen our graduate training and offer exciting cutting-edge programmes to attract the best talents from the world to join the CityU innovation and research enterprise.
2.6 Increase the capacity of faculty to develop and communicate disciplinary and interdisciplinary knowledge through investments to enhance disciplinary strengths and promote cross-disciplinary initiatives.
2.7 Explore both on-campus and off-campus sites to create new space, laboratory facilities and other infrastructure to support interdisciplinary initiatives; and revise our rules and procedures to facilitate interdisciplinary collaboration across academic units at CityU and with other campuses and organisations.
2.8 Institute a scheme of endowed professorships with private donations to promote scholarship in research and education, and strengthen recognition for outstanding achievements in interdisciplinary initiatives.
2.9 Invest strategically in new research initiatives and programmes having an interdisciplinary focus, on topics of critical importance to Hong Kong, and in areas with substantial positive economic and social impact.
2.10 Create incentives and support to actively promote the 3 overarching research themes of One Health, Digital Society, and Smart City that were identified by the campus to integrate our research capabilities and programme strengths so we can respond to societal challenges and address critical global issues in the highly connected world in which we live.
2.11 Recruit new faculty in chosen areas who will complement and strengthen our current faculty, and increase the number of interdisciplinary faculty jointly hired across academic units.
2.12 Build partnerships with institutions and organisations locally and internationally where such collaborations will enable us to address issues of critical significance that require large-scale, interdisciplinary research.
2.13 Establish an Institute for Advanced Study to provide a platform for world-leading visiting scholars to engage in pioneering research and contribute to postdoctoral/postgraduate training.