Chapter Five

5.2 Strategic Themes and Action Plans

In order for each of the five strategic themes to further advance the development of the six strategic areas, action plans were identified to guide implementation in the next 5-year period:

5.2.1 Deepen Discovery & Innovation in Professional Education

Action Plans Strategic Areas
1.1 Broaden and increase opportunities and supporting initiatives for the early engagement of our undergraduate students in discovery & innovation to deepen the culture of active learning and knowledge creation.
Student Learning and Career Development
Research and technology transfer
Faculty and staff recruitment, reward and retention
Branding, image and culture
1.2 Streamline and modernise our academic programmes to ensure quality, standards and relevance so as to recruit outstanding students to CityU who have a passion for knowledge and innovation.
1.3 Strengthen the knowledge creation component in all our academic programmes, embed a research element in our taught postgraduate programmes, and enhance the engagement of outstanding graduate students and post-doctoral scholars to help drive and support the DEC through intergenerational learning models.
1.4 Enhance student admission processes so that we admit high quality and motivated students who have the potential to benefit from our DEC as active players in the creation, transmission, and application of knowledge.
1.5 Establish a University-wide task force to formulate and coordinate outreach and networking programmes, and link the various relevant units to engage targeted schools on a long-term basis, so as to better prepare school students for higher education and for our DEC.
1.6 Empower academic units to uphold stringent exit standards for all our academic programmes, carry out systematic monitoring of student performance, and offer timely counselling where necessary, to ensure that all our graduates meet our high academic standards.
1.7 Hire the most outstanding faculty of high academic promise in order to build strength and capabilities in our Schools and Colleges to spur innovation, leadership in cutting-edge research, and nucleation of distinctive programmes to expand the career pathways of our graduates.
1.8 Refine our performance appraisal criteria to give due recognition to the diverse contributions to education made by faculty members from different disciplinary backgrounds to foster discovery, innovation and creativity under the DEC.
1.9 Implement a coordinated plan and an effective mechanism to engage our distinguished alumni, Honorary Graduates and Fellows to contribute actively as student mentors and career advisors to support student success.
1.10 Strengthen career preparation programmes and employment guidance services to raise career aspirations, assist job-seeking efforts and develop students' soft skills to elevate competitiveness and increase career opportunities.
1.11 Launch a coordinated University-wide outreach programme to strengthen networks with industry, NGO and government to expand opportunities for work-related experience for our students and foster knowledge transfer activities.
1.12 Continue to implement 5-year Review of Academic Excellence Scheme to complement annual reviews of academic units and individual PBPR, and conduct institutional reviews of all programmes to ensure academic excellence.