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The University Grants Committee (UGC), which oversees CityU and other government-funded Hong Kong universities, joins hands with the universities to promote internationalisation of the campuses. CityU students were invited to submit proposals to CityU's Internationalisation Scheme to help internationalise the CityU campus during the 2013/14 - 2014/15 academic years.

Funded Projects

8 student-initiated projects have been awarded University Grants Committee (UGC) and CityU funds to enhance and promote internationalisation at CityU in 2013/14 - 2014/15. They would provide opportunities for local and non-local students to work together toward a common purpose of providing a more welcoming environment for all students.

A total of 23 proposals were received and reviewed by the Internationalisation Scheme Selection Panel, comprising the Dean of Students Dr Raymond CHAN as Chairman; Professor Jane LU (CA); Dr Gang HAO (MS/ARO); Dr Thomas Richard JOHNSON (POL); and Ms Helen LAM (GSO). The selection criteria included 'fit to the Scheme's objectives, level of innovation, feasibility of the project and expected impact of the project'.

The 8 funded student projects, listed alphabetically, are:

Project Coordinator(s) Project Title Project Team Members Amount (HK$) Project Period
Bruno LOVRIC Break a leg: drama, dance, theatre Daniel MADRID MORALES,
Valentina SCIALPI,
Yuan ZENG,
Chaahat GAMBHIR,
WANG Chang-Ting
$99,566 February 2014 -
April 2015
Ali Mustafa Hamid AL-ABBASI

Enthusia Akhil RELEKAR,
Ali Mustafa Hamid AL-ABBASI,
Muhammad Anas KHAN,
Chaahat GAMBHIR,
YOON Chan Hyuk,
Farhaan SALEEL,
Kameldeep KAUR,
Keshav SINGH,
Maruful ISLAM,
YIM Wing Man,
Sumanth William LAZARUS,
$87,000 September 2014 -
February 2015
Chloe CHAN Pui Ting Five Senses - Becoming a Talented Super Star in CityU Chloe CHAN Pui Ting,
Vega WONG Wai Kiu,
Caroline TSE Yan Yan,
Vanessa LAI Wing Yan
$36,020 February -
September 2014
LO Jin Shuen Global Village Festival LO Jin Shuen,
KOH Jia Xin,
LAI Siew Wei,
Harshit SETHI,
NG Ka Lun
$40,000 February -
March 2014
WONG Man Yi International Cultural Exchange - Home Sweet Home Stella CHAN Sze Nga,
Derek WONG Man Tik,
WONG Man Yi,
$24,100 February 2014 -
January 2015
Martin CHEUNG Tak Ming Musical Exchanges Among Hong Kong Children, their Families, and International CityU Students Martin CHEUNG Tat Ming,
ZHAO Wenqing,
GU Zhonghua,
YU Mengyan,
LO Jing Yat,
Winson LAU Wing Shun,
TUWAHATU Christian Antonio Tuwahatu,
JAYAKODY RaMadavi Nadishani
$85,000 February -
May 2014
WANG Qiao "U-Adventure" competition WANG Qiao,
WU Haotian,
$62,200 September 2014 -
April 2015
Rex LEUNG Tsz Chun UNI Match Rex LEUNG Tsz Chun,
Sam LEE Seung Yeob,
Jenny CHEUNG Oi Ting,
WONG Kong Yu,
KWOK Yuen Ling,
LAM Yan Yee,
LI Long Yin
$88,130 February -
May 2014

These 8 winning teams have received a total of more than HK$500,000 for promoting internationalisation. A certificate presentation ceremony was held to recognise the achievements of these student teams at the 2014 CityU Discovery Festival Opening Ceremony on March 3, 2014.

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