Discovery-enriched Curriculum

The Discovery-enriched Curriculum (DEC) has the goal of giving all our students the opportunity to make an original discovery while at City University. The DEC is the academic blueprint described in CityU's Academic Development Proposal 2012-15 that was endorsed by the UGC, which has oversight of Hong Kong's government-funded universities. The second phase of the DEC - full-scale implementation with all students graduating having completed a DEC project - was endorsed by the UGC in CityU's Academic Development Proposal 2016-19; we refer to this second phase as DEC 2.0. The DEC's emphasis on discovery, innovation, and creativity lies at the heart of our academic strategy and four-year curriculum for teaching and learning, advanced scholarship, knowledge transfer, and community-related activities at City University.

Why DEC?

The University believes that the DEC will nurture the creativity of our students and enable them to acquire the attributes of ideal CityU graduates. The DEC will

  • motivate and ignite a passion for knowledge and discovery in our students;
  • prepare them to practise professionally at and beyond the level of international standards; and
  • promote a culture of knowledge and innovation that spurs local and global advancements in professional practice.

City University's professional education is distinguished by its commitment to

  • quality assurance;
  • strong academic rigour;
  • problem-focused research;
  • connectivity between knowledge and society; and
  • deep engagement with the community.

The slogan Discover&Innovate@CityU® captures the core competencies we seek to nurture in our students:

  • experiencing what it means to create new knowledge;
  • communicating, curating and cultivating new knowledge to benefit society;
  • recognising and protecting intellectual property that can be the basis for bringing new ideas to the marketplace;
  • thinking from a global and collaborative perspective;
  • capitalising on technology and social networks;
  • embracing a strong sense of social responsibility, sustainability, and ethics; and
  • becoming life-long learners.

What is discovery?

Discovering knowledge that is new to:

  • the student and
  • the field (the discipline(s) that the student is studying)
CityU teachers are making discovery/innovation/creativity a focus in their course delivery to provide a foundation and/or opportunity for every student to make his or her original discovery/discoveries.