IPDA Town Hall Meeting

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The Interdisciplinary Professional Development Awards (IPDA) Scheme encourages and facilitates the development of interdisciplinary Gateway Education (GE) courses and research initiatives that promote discovery, innovation, and creativity. The Scheme supports the DEC.

Key Elements:

  • Goal: Promotion of interdisciplinary GE courses and research initiatives.
  • Prof Gary FengThe IPDA Scheme provides an “in-house sabbatical” that allows teams to have the time, space and resources to develop interdisciplinary research initiatives and create broad and dynamic GE courses. Having a team carry out GE course development with each member able to teach the course helps ensure that the course can be sustained and will evolve over time. Cross-cutting themes should be considered in GE course design.
  • Four Cross-cutting Themes: sustainability, ethics, social responsibility and technology.
  • PBPR will be used to recognize IPDA Scheme and GE contributions.
    We invite the campus’s participation in identifying opportunities, nucleating teams, developing proposals and achieving excellence in teaching, learning and research.

Prof Lilian Vrijmoed
The design of the IPDA course should adopt the outcomes-based teaching and learning framework and align with the intended GE programme learning outcomes. Evidence of students’ achievement of the knowledge and skill-based outcomes will depend on further alignment of the teaching and learning activities designed to develop these outcomes in students and the formative and summative assessment tasks for their effective evaluation.

Prof Guiguo Wang



Lawyers today need to build a broad knowledge base and embrace mobile communication technology to effect quality legal service. The law faculty supports the Scheme with great enthusiasm.



Dr Andy ChunCityU is extending our Blackboard e-learning platform to support mobile learning and social learning. Our e-learning strategy is to provide a technology-rich environment that empowers students to take charge of their own learning. Our new mobile-learning tools allow students to share and collaborate anytime anywhere, both in class as well as out-of-class. It also enables teachers to take advantage of innovative pedagogy to develop students’ potential and whet their appetite for discovery. The incorporation of mobile learning and social learning into our students’ learning experience greatly enhances their quality of education.

Presentation slides (for CityU Staff and Students only)


EDGE stands ready to support colleagues to formulate discovery-enriched, student-centered and teamwork-oriented GE course proposals with interdisciplinary characteristics.

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Q & A Discussion:

  • The IPDA Scheme is a newly added component to the ongoing review and reconfiguring process of the GE program that encourages colleagues to incorporate discovery and the use of new technologies in future interdisciplinary course design.
  • The proposal should specify if new technologies like iPods or iPads are needed for students.
  • Teachers also need to be equipped with smart mobile devices and they need training to adopt m-learning in course development and student learning.
  • There should not be any prerequisites for GE courses.
  • The GE courses are to be managed at the college and school level. Funding will be downloaded to the participating departments. Colleagues who are interested in developing GE courses can go to Deans for needed resources.
  • We will build on the current GE portfolio and let it evolve as a kind of ecosystem, reflecting student and staff interests.
  • The IPDA Scheme will also award seed funding for interdisciplinary research projects that should later be sustained by other sources of funding.