Defining, Developing and Strengthening Mentoring for Staff Members:
A Workshop for Mentors and Mentees
Led by Professor Wendy C. Crone, University of Wisconsin-Madison

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Openning Shot

An outstanding teaching staff is a critical investment for CityU. To promote staff development through collegial support, the provision of a structured mentoring scheme was introduced last year. By identifying a suitable mentoring committee and developing a customized mentoring plan for new recruits, these individuals are in a better position to make a fast, successful start at CityU. Effective mentoring programs will be rewarded accordingly through the performance-based pay review scheme.

As the mentoring program is developed to help more staff members improve their prospects for success at CityU, Professor Crone shared her know-how with 50 CityU academic staff through an
activities-packed workshop.
Group Disscussion
The workshop started with defining mentors and mentees, and what each should expect in their roles. This was followed by a trio of parallel break-out sessions organized according to Colleges and Schools in which the participants engaged with one another to identify key areas in which mentees need advice.

Professor Crone noted mentoring has evolved to more contemporary definitions, “where mentoring occurs on multiple levels with multiple individuals and incorporates peers, professional networks, and colleagues as well as the classical mentors.” In her presentation and during the Q & A session (Q & A File), she stressed the value of having a constellation of mentors to contribute to the successful launch of academic careers.

A lucky draw for copies of her book, Survive and Thrive: A Guide for Untenured Faculty fittingly concluded the workshop.
Lucky Draw