Idea Incubator Scheme Town Hall Meeting

Professor Arthur Ellis, Provost

Professor Gregory Raupp, Vice-President (Research and Technology)
Professor Gary Feng, Associate Provost (Academic Planning and Undergraduate Education)
Professor Christian Wagner, Associate Provost (Quality Assurance)
and Associate Dean (School of Creative Media)

Group Shot

To support the CityU Discovery-enriched Curriculum (DEC), the Idea Incubator Scheme was devised to provide new venues for the creative and innovative ideas of CityU staff and students and to create a vehicle for knowledge transfer. A call for proposals invited staff and student teams from all disciplines to apply. The call for proposals was followed by a town hall meeting for the panelists to explain how the Scheme works and to receive feedback from the campus.

Chris and Gerg

Speaking from recent experience with the InnovationSpace , an entrepreneurial joint venture among different disciplines at Arizona State University, Professor Raupp expressed enthusiasm for the Scheme. “The students truly took ownership and enjoyed doing it,” he said. Professor Feng pointed to a similar College of Science and Engineering program that supports projects proposed by students. “We hope all colleges and schools adopt the Scheme so that more students will share the joy of seeing their innovative ideas explored,” said Professor Feng.

Professor Wagner briefed the participants on how to write a successful proposal and how the proposals will be evaluated by providing a list of what should be included in the proposal and naming some of the selection criteria. He also offered examples and online resources that shed light on the Scheme.

List of awards from the first call for proposals.