Idea Workshop

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#cityu #hkThe door opens. We walk in. Lab conductors Barry, Ming, Monica and Paula are in white robes and greet us with smiles and soothing music. We sit down at round tables set up for teamwork.

The workshop will focus on incorporating elements such as discovery, innovation, creativity, sustainability, social responsibility and use of technology into the curriculum to enhance student learning. The participants can brainstorm on these and other items they consider important, such as ethics, aesthetics, ways to increase student attendance and student classroom participation.

#cityu #hkFirst, though, Barry has a few things to share and introduces a few games to the participants to put them in the mood to be creative ( Presentation powerpoint file ). A cross-product game is used to trigger imagination: how can a pen be combined with a lamp, for example? Some additional warm-up exercises are built around the "WAH" game, word associations, and plot development through a "story spine". The participants are encouraged to make unusual connections to unleash the imagination. By adding a touch of playfulness, freeing the mind for discovery, the participants become more creative. Candy is provided, as sugar can stimulate the brain.

The ground rules for brainstorming are that more ideas make it more likely that there are more good ideas; and no idea can be criticized as silly or crazy.

Approximately 60 colleagues work diligently together in three workshops to contribute more than 1,250 ideas to meet the shared BDEC challenges: incorporating discovery/innovation/creativity, technology, social responsibility, sustainability, ethics and aesthetics into the curriculum; and increasing student attendance and active class participation. In order to facilitate access to these ideas, we have taken the liberty to group and edit them as show here ( Ideas file ).