Professor Chan Hon S

BSSc, MPhil, MA, PhD


Selected Publications

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ˇ§Putting the Cart before the Horse: Accountability or Performance?,ˇ¨ (co-authored with Jie Gao), The Australian Journal of Public Administration, Volume 68, March 2009, S51-S61. (SSCI-listed)

ˇ§Performance Measurement in Chinese Local Governments Introduction,ˇ¨ (co-authored with Jie Gao), Chinese Law and Government, Volume 41, Issue 2-3, Mar-June 2008, pp 4-9. (SSCI-listed)

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ˇ§After Reform: Accommodating Old Values and Assimilating New Ones,ˇ¨ (with David Rosenbloom and Helena Rene), The Australian Journal of Public Administration, Vol 67, Issue 1, March 2008, pp 69-78. (SSCI-listed)

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