Title Date Time Venue Speaker(s)
Policy Framework for Innovative Development and Practices in China 2021-06-28 1400-1500 Zoom Prof. MU Rongping
What do citizens know, want and expect from public service delivery agencies? A study into the role of neural correlates and personality characteristics 2021-06-07 1600 Zoom Prof. Sandra van Thiel
Behavioural and Policy Sciences Seminar Series: Behavioral Public Strategy 2021-05-24 1430-1530 Zoom Prof. Bert George
Assessing the Effects of User Accountability in Contracting Out 2021-05-10 1600-1700 Zoom Dr. Marc Esteve
Challenges, benefits, and tips for early career researchers in endorsing open-science and supporting a science “credibility revolution” 2021-04-26 1300-1400 Zoom Dr. Gilad Feldman
Credit Claiming and Mayoral Delegation Preferences Amid a Migrant Crisis 2021-04-12 0900-1000 Zoom Dr. Claudia N. Avellaneda
COVID-19 in Public Management and Policy Research: Challenges and Prospects 2021-03-29 1430-1530 Zoom Prof. M. Jae Moon
Citizen-State Interactions and Digital Governance 2020-11-30 1230-1330 Zoom MA Liang
[Cancelled] Characters and Motivations: A Conversation with Andrey Kurkov 2019-11-19 1330-1500 G7603, 7/F, AC1 Andrey Kurkov
社媒年代與脆裂的共同體 The Social Media Age and the Fragmented Community 2019-09-26 1600-1700 G7603, 7/F, AC1 曾柏文
The Challenges and Responses of Artificial Intelligence to the Public Management 2019-09-12 1600-1730 B7516, 7/F, AC1 LIANG Zheng
Citizen Engagement and Democracy in America 2019-08-06 1600-1730 B7516, 7/F, AC1 Araral Eduardo
城市升級研究:中國老工業城市轉型的案例 Research on Transformation and Upgrading of Old Industrial Cities in China 2019-06-27 1600-1730 B7516, 7/F, AC1 高春亮博士
The People’s Republic of China at 70 2019-06-24 1530-1730 G7603, 7/F, AC1 Mark Selden, Lowell Dittmer and Tim Pringle
Are Public Sector Managers a 'Bureaucratic Burden'? The Cases of English Hospitals 2019-04-04 1500-1630 B7516, 7/F, AC1 Ian Kirkpatrick
A Crushing Tide Rolling to a Sweeping Victory? Xi Jinping’s Battle with Corruption after Six Years of Struggle 2019-03-21 1600-1730 B7516, 7/F, AC1 Andrew Wedeman
The limits of freedom of political association in Hong Kong and Spain 2019-02-21 1600-1750 B7516, 7/F, AC1 SERRANO MORENO Juan & LIN Feng