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Outstanding Academic Placements
Name: Dr. FONG Chi Hang Brian
Graduation Year: 2012
Position: Associate Professor and Associate Director of The Academy of Hong Kong Studies
Institution: The Education University of Hong Kong

“My experience in the PhD study at CityU has laid down a solid foundation for me to pursue an academic career after graduation.”

Name: Dr. GAO Jie
Graduation Year: 2007
Position: Assistant Professor
Institution: Department of Political Science, National University of Singapore

“PhD study at the Department of Public Policy is truly rewarding. The Department has a strong faculty with diverse backgrounds. You would be working with top scholars and experts in the field!”

Name: Dr. HUANG Ronggui
Graduate Year: 2010
Position: Associate Professor / Associate Head of the Sociology Department / Vice Director of Center for Social Governance Research
Institution: Department of Sociology, Fudan University

“The Department features a supportive and active academic environment, international vision, and an inter-disciplinary orientation. My study experience at CityU has strongly influenced my academic perspective and career development.”

Name: Dr. PAIK Wooyeal
Graduation Year: 2003
Position: Associate Professor
Institution: Department of Political Science and International Relations, Yonsei University, South Korea

“The two-year-long MPhil study at City University of Hong Kong provided me with a great opportunity to expand my academic and policy horizon as a political scientist. A group of excellent professors and various supports helped me understand political economy and political thoughts in East Asia, which became one of critical foundations for what I have been doing last decade or so.”

Name: Dr. PANDAY Pranab Kumar
Graduation Year: 2009
Position: Professor
Institution: Department of Public Administration, University of Rajshahi, Bangladesh

“Feel privileged to be a part of the doctoral programme. My stay at the department provided me with a strong foundation based on which I have taken my academic and professional career forward. The exceptional quality of the doctoral programme has helped me in attaining all achievements in my professional career.”

Name: Dr. PARAS Arnil
Graduation Year: 2018
Position: Assistant Professor
Institution: Asian Institute of Management, Philippines

"I had an excellent experience at CityU. My supervisor and the department faculty, including the administrative staff, were very supportive. My fellow PhD students provided the right combination of encouragement and challenge, which spurred me to do better.“

Name: Dr. SUN Xiaoyi
Graduation Year: 2014
Position: Associate Professor
Institution: School of International Relations and Public Affairs, Fudan University

“The Department provides a favorable atmosphere for me to learn the meaning, principles and practices of conducting academic research. The responsible and helpful supervisor, the ample opportunities of attending domestic and international seminars, and the supporting policies for conducting field research are really a boon in laying a solid foundation for my academic career.”

Name: Dr. WU Alfred Muluan
Graduation Year: 2010
Position: Associate Professor, Assistant Dean, and PhD program Co-Chair
Institution: Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, National University of Singapore

“I was privileged to pursue my PhD degree at the Department. The rigorous training has enabled me to grasp interdisciplinary research methods and perspectives. The faculty members, a source of my inspiration, impressed me with their passion for excellent research, teaching, and community service. My academic life has benefited immeasurably from the PhD training at CityU.”

Name: Dr. XIAO Hanyu
Graduation Year: 2015
Position: Assistant Professor
Institution: Department of Asian and Policy Studies , The Education University of Hong Kong

“I am very grateful to the Department for offering me the opportunity to obtain a PhD degree. The PhD study significantly enriched my academic knowledge, consolidated the skills of research methods, and developed research capacities with very experienced professors from various disciplines.”

Name: Dr. ZHAO Wenqing
Graduate Year: 2016
Position: Assistant Professor of Philosophy
Institution: Whitman College, USA

“I had a wonderful experience doing my PhD at CityU. Both my advisor and the department provided me with generous support in research and publication. Moreover, I got the opportunity to study in the US for a year, which was a rewarding experience.”