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BSocSc Public Policy and Politics (PPP)
Brief Description
Make a difference: Study Public Policy and Politics (PPP) at CityU

How do particular public policies emerge?
Who makes the decisions and why?
Why are public policies so important and how do they impact on our everyday lives?
How do politics and policymaking interact?
What can we learn from other societies in relation to government and governance?
What are the key ethical issues in politics and public policy?
PPP will give you the essential analytical, communication, and leadership skills to prepare you for a successful career in a wide range of public and private sector jobs. Substantial training and practical opportunities will be provided in various learning modes to build up your professional skills, competence and confidence.
Joint Bachelor’s Degree Program between City University of Hong Kong and Columbia University for students in Public Policy and Politics (Politics Stream)
Students in the Public Policy and Politics Programme (Politics stream) may apply for admission to the Joint Degree Program.  Students admitted to the Joint Degree Program will spend their first two years at City University of Hong Kong and stay at Columbia University for their third and fourth years. Upon graduation, students will receive two degrees: Bachelor of Social Sciences in Public Policy and Politics conferred by City University of Hong Kong and Bachelor of Arts in Political Science conferred by Columbia University. 

Further Information and Contacts
Major Director: Dr. Jermain Lam
Associate Major Director: Dr. Simon Yau
Admissions Officer: Dr. Hektor Yan

For further information of the programme, please refer to our pamphlet.

Tel: (852) 3442 8920
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