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Master of Arts in Housing and Urban Management
Brief Description
• Master of Arts in Housing and Urban Management (MAHUM) is a newly consolidated programme built on the strengths of the renowned Master of Arts in Housing Studies and Master of Arts in Urban Management programmes
• This MAHUM programme has two specialized study streams: Housing Stream and Urban Management Stream
• The Housing Stream mainly caters to local housing management practitioners who opt for professional training in housing management
• The Urban Management Stream is ideal for those who are interested in urban management, and at the same time, eager to enhance conceptual capacity in housing management
The programme covers comprehensively both academic and practical subjects as well as policy and management issues in Hong Kong and other Asian cities. Students are required to take 15 credit units core courses:

POL5701 Comparative and International Housing and Urban Policy
POL5702 Finance and Economics in Housing and Urban Studies
POL5703 Contemporary Issues in Housing and Urban Management
POL6803 Research Methods for Housing and Urban Management
POL6804 MAHUM Capstone Project  

The programme has two study streams: Housing Stream and Urban Management Stream. Students have to decide on the study stream at the time of admission^, and each stream has 12 credits of stream core courses and 3 credits of elective.

If you want to register as a tier 1 property management practitioner under the property management services ordinance of Hong Kong, you should take the Housing Stream and its Stream core courses include:

Housing Stream Core Courses (12 credit units)
LW5957   Legal Studies for the Built Environment
POL5704 Building Services Systems and Maintenance for Housing Managers
POL6800 Contemporary Management for Housing Managers
POL6802 Advanced Housing Practice (and Residential)

If you would like to become an urban management professional, the Urban Management Stream is the right place for you. The Urban Management Stream core courses include:

Urban Management Stream Core Courses (12 credit units)
POL5500 Understanding the Modern Metropolis
POL5504 The Asian Metropolis: Issues in Urban Management
POL5507 Strategic Management for Smart Cities: An Introduction
POL5509 The Urban Management Workshop: Exploring the Contemporary City
^All applicants are required to indicate their preferred study stream at the time of application. While the University tries to accommodate applicants' preference as far as possible, applicants’ allocation to their first choice is not guaranteed. The University reserves the right to suspend a study stream in case of under-enrolment.

All students are first admitted to the MAHUM programme (30 credits units). Students who have successfully completed 24 credits units (excluding the MAHUM Capstone Project and Research Methods for Housing Studies and Urban Management) as prescribed in the syllabus are eligible to apply for graduation as PGD as an exit.

Professional Recognition - MAHUM Housing Stream
The Housing Stream of this programme is seeking full recognition from the Hong Kong Institute of Housing (HKIH) and the Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH). The two institutes are regarded as partners in the educational process. If the recognition is given, graduates of the MAHUM Housing Stream will be eligible for admission as corporate members of the HKIH and the CIH upon completion of the practical experience requirements and passing of examinations prescribed by professional bodies. The Housing Stream of this programme will apply to be recognised as the academic qualification in property management specified by the Property Management Services Authority for the tier 1 property management practitioners. Corporate members of HKIH and CIH are eligible for registration as a Registered Professional Housing Manager.  

Admissions requirements
Applicants must
  • Hold a bachelor´s degree from a recognized university; OR
  • Have obtained an equivalent qualification; OR
  • Provide evidence of academic or professional attainment acceptable for this purpose by the University
  • AND satisfy English proficiency requirements stipulated by the University if your undergraduate medium of instruction was not in English;
    • 59 (revised paper-delivered test) or 79 (internet-based test) on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL)@#; or
    • Overall band 6.5 in International English Language Testing System (IELTS)@; or
    • Score 450 in the new College English Test (CET-6) of Chinese mainland; or
    • Other equivalent qualifications.

@ TOEFL and IELTS scores are considered valid for two years.  Applicants are required to provide their English test results obtained within the two years preceding the commencement of the University’s application period.
# Applicants are required to arrange for the Educational Testing Service (ETS) to send their TOEFL results directly to the University.  The TOEFL institution code for CityU is 3401.