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BSocSc Public Policy and Politics (PPP)
Brief Description
Make a difference: Study Public Policy and Politics (PPP) at CityU

How do particular public policies emerge?
Who makes the decisions and why?
Why are public policies so important and how do they impact on our everyday lives?
How do politics and policymaking interact?
What can we learn from other societies in relation to government and governance?
What are the key ethical issues in politics and public policy?
PPP will give you the essential analytical, communication, and leadership skills to prepare you for a successful career in a wide range of public and private sector jobs. Substantial training and practical opportunities will be provided in various learning modes to build up your professional skills, competence and confidence.
Aims of PPP
The major aims to
  1. provide students with a comprehensive education in the common core theories, concepts, and knowledge bases of public policy, public management, and political science.
  2. enable students to specialize in public policy, public management, or political science for gaining an understanding of the essential theories, principles, dynamics, and analytic approaches of these bodies of knowledge.
  3. equip students with the theoretical, conceptual, and analytical tools to understand comprehensively public policy, public management, and political developments in Hong Kong, China, and the contemporary global world
  4.  produce graduates who can meet effectively the human resources needs of a wide range of public and private sector employers in administrative, management, and policy and political analysis positions, as well as in the media and non-governmental organizations.
Curriculum Information of PPP

General Entrance Requirements