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BSocSc Environmental Policy (Admissions suspended)
Brief Description
“I continue to be impressed by the type, mix and weighting of the various assessments for each module, which together ensure a good coursework/exam balance for the overall programme… I remain impressed by the continuing development of this programme. I am confident that it matches the standards expected of similar programmes elsewhere. The students are being taught an interesting range of subjects, they are producing work of good quality and the means and standards of assessment are appropriate.” - Professor Neil Carter, External Academic Advisor (2009 – 2013)

Why join our Environmental Policy Programme?

We have designed the curriculum and extra curricular activities particularly for you to learn and grow and to make an impact on our common future. It is a distinct programme that takes multidisciplinary approaches to understanding and addressing challenges in depleting natural resources, diminishing biodiversity, deteriorating environmental quality, climate change and apparently insatiable human needs. Faculty members who teach this course are highly trained policy analysts, political scientists, sociologists, industrial ecologists, and environmental scientists. Our graduates have found jobs in the government, environmental NGOs, consulting firms, construction companies, and elsewhere in the private, public and NGO sectors. These employment opportunities are expanding as more and more organizations realize that greater sensitivity to environmental issues can make a significant contribution to their asset portfolios: financial, manufactured, intellectual, human, social and natural. Why not join us? You can also do well by doing good!

Major Director: Dr. LI Wanxin
Associate Major Director: Dr. SHI Han

Tel: (852) 3442 8968
                                          Dr. Wanxin Li