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RAE 2014: POL Top Department in HK in Research Intensity (2015/02/13)

RAE 2014: City U Public Policy top department in Hong Kong in terms of research intensity

The results of the 2014 Hong Kong Research Assessment Exercise were announced recently. The department submitted 31 faculty and 124 research outputs to the political science panel. This was the largest submission by far. The University of Hong Kong submitted 16 staff and the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology  submitted only 7. The panel rated 40% of our  research activity as world leading or internationally excellent (4* and 3*). Moreover, only 13% were rated 1* and none was unclassified.

The final classifications are a combination of the ratings of the outputs (80%) and grants/esteem measures (20%). This means that it is not possible to translate the final ratings directly into the rating of the research outputs. But we can come pretty close.

In our submission of 124 outputs, 50 were rated in the top two categories. For HKUST, the same calculation produces 12 outputs and for HKU, 37. As a  measure of strength in depth, research intensity or research impact internationally this puts CityU clearly at the top of the political science and public administration rankings in Hong Kong.