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Workshop on ‘Cities and the Super-Rich'
On 15-16 January, 2015, the Department of Public Policy will be hosting a workshop on ‘Cities and the Super-Rich’, organized by Professor Ray Forrest, Dr. Koh Sin Yee, and Dr Bart Wissink.
In recent years, rapidly rising inequality and the emergence of highly visible elite spaces for the super-rich have seen increasing attention in academic, policy, and popular debates. ‘The super-rich’ and ‘the 1% city’ have become the default terms through which issues such as wealth and income inequality, residential segregation and housing ownership, elite social practices, as well as power and urban politics in cities have been framed and discussed. This workshop brings together a small group of experts and emerging academics to advance theoretical debates on cities and the super-rich. We have invited speakers who will present work on the USA, the UK, the Middle East, South Africa, China, Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong, and Australia. The disciplinary mix includes sociologists, geographers, historians, and urban studies specialists. 
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