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GE1218 'Social Entrepreneurship’ projects highlighted in 11 newspapers!
Innovative prototypes developed by students in GE1218 Social Entrepreneurship

A number of smart prototypes developed by students taking the GE1218 Social Entrepreneurship at City University of Hong Kong (CityU) have received media interests in Hong Kong. The prototypes showcase students’ innovative application of cross-disciplinary knowledge to solve social problems.

“We encourage students to think beyond grades and passing a course. We excite them by thinking of developing innovative ideas that they can enrich their resume and open doors to new possibilities in their life”, said Dr Yanto Chandra, the Course Leader for GE1218. Using carefully modified techniques that blend MBA/EMBAs style of learning, innovation techniques, and Dragons’ Den approach to judge winners in their final projects, the course brings research and practice to the classroom.

One of the prototypes is a smart navigation glasses called “Listen Your Way”, which aims to help the visually impaired navigate their way around. It relays information via a video camera, GPS system, voice device, and glasses connected to an app on the wearer’s smart phone. Through voices messages, the wearer can be made aware of possible obstructions ahead while walking and receive directions to an intended destination.

Another prototype, called “Transfriendly” (transportation + friendly), helps the elderly and visually impaired take buses. With easy to use Braille keyboard on the stick, users enter their bus route and when a matched bus is approaching the stick will vibrate and alert the users. The prototype won an award in the “My Own Discovery Contest” at the 2014 CityU Discovery Festival.

Other innovative ideas include i-Receipt, a prototype smartphone apps that aims to replace paper-based receipts with digital receipts. The idea is to save the rainforests and global warming. Another creative idea “MyBlock” is a smartphone apps prototype which aims to reduce overconsumption and waste problems in Hong Kong. It works by allowing people to “rent” things to each other in nearby locations.

Since its initial offering in January 2013, GE1218 has an accumulated enrollment of more than 500 students. It aims to train students to become change makers, use business tools and technological/innovative solutions to solve current social issues. The course exemplifies the essence of CityU’s Discovery-enriched Curriculum.

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