Selected Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme (HKPFS) Recipients

... Ms. Ahyoung LEE

“It has been such a valuable experience for me to have a chance to study at the Department of Public Policy. Extensive coursework and various extracurricular activities have offered me positive encouragement. Faculty members and administrative staff are extremely supportive and try their best to make the most of my time at City University.”

Fellowship Year 2020-2024
... Mr. Maximilian Johan NILSSON-LADNER

“I'm very grateful for the financial support I have received to undertake my scholarly training at City University. In addition to relieving me of the stresses of the financial burden of living in Hong Kong, and thus allowing me to focus fully focus on my research - it is also a great personal vindication of my academic accomplishments thus far. I feel that my study at City University will equip me well to make valuable contributions to scholarship.”

Fellowship Year 2020-2024
... Ms. Haeri JOO

“The Department gives me a feeling of receiving professional care to ensure that every Ph.D. student can grow as a competitive expert. I am able to get various academic stimuli and my supervisor always gives me productive advice and support for my academic work.”

Fellowship Year 2018-2021
... Ms. Natasha HAZARIKA

“When I look back I only feel blessed to have got the fellowship opportunity because in CityU I learn from some of the best academic stalwarts, get exposure to the best research workshops around the world, and learn how to make meaningful contribution to the development of academic research! The values that I imbibed in CityU would definitely help me in my future endeavors.”

Fellowship Year 2016-2019
... Dr. Valentina CARRARO

Postdoctoral Researcher
CIGIDEN / Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile

“My years as a doctoral student at City University have been a very positive experience. What I value most is that I was able to engage with students from all over Asia and beyond, forging friendships as well as professional relations. City University administrative and teaching staff have also been extremely supportive.”

Fellowship Year 2015-2018