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Dr DONG, Liang
BA, Tsinghua University, China
MPhil, Cainese Academy of Sciences
PhD, Nagoya University, Japan
Visiting Fellow
I am a scholar in the field of environment management, and industrial ecology, applying sustainability science knowledge to develop sustainable and low-carbon cities. I dream to contribute to the field of industrial and urban symbiosis through optimizing the network, and apply them into the planning of sustainable urban development.

Office: YEUNG-B7414
Phone: +852 3442 6221
Fax: +852 3442 0413
Email: liadong@cityu.edu.hk
arrowApplying knowledge of industrial ecology to develop low-carbon cities
arrowMultiple integrated approaches on urban sustainability, like socioeconomic metabolism analysis (urban metabolism analysis, life cycle assessment), sustainability assessment model/indicators, big data and spatial planning
arrowPolicy design for low-carbon, eco and smart city transition
arrowIndustrial ecology
arrowSustainable business and eco-industrial parks management
arrowEnergy/environmental policies, and applications in low-carbon and smart cities planning
arrowSustainable urban planning and infrastructure management
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