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Dr WANG, June
PhD (HKU), B.Arch (Tongji), Registered Architect (Class I, PRC), HKIA qualification
Assistant Professor
My research lies at the intersection of urban geography and cultural politics, centring on state-society relations amidst the cultural turn of Asian cities. My long-term research interest dwells on the always on-going process of (re-)territorialisation in the making of cultural cities, that is, how the intertwined political and economic logics put human and non-human things on the move, resulting in ceaseless re-configuration of territory, economy and workforce. I strive to construct a conceptual reading on territorialisation along two lines of inquiries:

  • Territorialisation of creative labour and precarity.

  • Territoriality, networked expertise and assembled sovereignty

Office: YEUNG-B7412
Phone: +852 3442 8707
Fax: +852 3442 0413
Web: CV/Personal Website
arrowCultural cities/creative cities, culture-led urban development
arrowSocial relations in urban redevelopment, gentrification, neoliberalization
arrowPublic housing, citizenship and flow of population
arrowHousing policy and society
arrowUrbanization in Chinese cities
arrowCultural/creative cities
Research Projects

Australian Research Council Discovery Projects, Culture Economy Development: UNESCO and the Making of Global Cultural Policy, Partner-Investigator of Asia, AUD569,493

Urban Studies Foundation (UK), Urban Studies Foundation (UK), “Polarisation, Fragmentation and Resilience: Four Urban Contexts Compared”, CO-I, 2017. 

Research Grants Council General Research Fund (Hong Kong), "I want this place to survive and thrive": Territorialisation, moral citizenship, mobile creative workforce in China, 2014 to 2015, PI, HKD530,920

Research Grants Council General Research Fund (Hong Kong), Making cultural cities in China - Policy mobility, assemblage and mutation, 2012 to 2013, PI, HKD560,600

National Social Science Foundation 2014 (Key Research project in Liberal Art): Cultural Mobility and Cultural Innovation in Emerging Cities, CO-I

National Natural Science Foundation: Artistic Geography and the artistic intervention in current urbanization in China. CO-I

Research Grants Council General Research Fund (Hong Kong), Cultural Regeneration of Archaic Industrial Buildings, Co-I, 2009-10

Research Grants Council General Research Fund (Hong Kong), The Conservation of Cultural Heritage Assets in China: The Changing Role of the State in the Fast-Growing Metropolises of Guangzhou and Shanghai, CO-I, 2009-10
Selected Publications

He S and Wang J. (in press) State-led creative/cultural city making and its contestations in East Asia: A multi-scalar analysis of the entrepreneurial state and the creative class. Geoforum.

Wang, J., & Li, M. (2018). Mobilising the welfare machine: Questing the resurgent socialist concern in the Public Rental Housing Scheme of China. International Journal of Social Welfare.

He, S., Li, L., Zhang, Y., & Wang, J. (2018). A Small Entrepreneurial City in Action: Policy Mobility, Urban Entrepreneurialism, and Politics of Scale in Jiyuan, China. International Journal of Urban and Regional Research, 42(4), 684-702. doi:10.1111/1468-2427.12631

Wang, June, Oakes, Tim, & Yang, Yan. (Eds.). (2016). Making Cultural Cities in Asia: Mobility, assemblage, and the politics of aspirational urbanism. London Routledge.

Yep, Ray; Jonathan, Thomas; Wang, June (forthcoming) EE Handbook on Urban China. London: Edward Elgar.

Wang, June, Ray Forrest, and Paolo Cardullo, (contracted). Smart Cities, Smart Citizens? Power and Participation in the Digital City. Palgrav Macmillan.
Journal Articles

He, S., Li, L., Zhang, Y., Wang, J. (in press) A small entrepreneurial city in action: Policy mobility, urban entrepreneurialism, and politics of scale in Jiyuan, China. International Journal of Urban and Regional Research

Wang, June. (online first). “Relational Heritage Sovereignty: Authorization, Territorialization and the Making of the Silk Roads." Territory, Politics, Governance: 1-18.

Wang, June, and Li Chen. (online first). “Guerrilla Warfare, Flagship Project: The Spatial Politics of Chinese Rock n Shenzhen’s Post-Political Making of a Musical City." Geoforum.

Wang, June, and S.M. Li. (2017). “State Territorialization, Neoliberal Governmentality: The Remaking of Dafen Oil Painting Village, Shenzhen, China." Urban Geography 38, no. 5: 708-28. ---- adopted in “Routledge Geography Article Collection 2017”.

Li, Si-ming, Hung-ha Cheng, and Jun Wang. (2014). “Making a Cultural Cluster in China: A Study of Dafen Oil Painting Village, Shenzhen." Habitat International 41, no. 0: 156-64.

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