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alumni ZHU Bin (Graduated in 2019)
Doctor of Philosophy
Post-doctoral scholar, Department of Family Medicine and Public Health, University of California, San diego

I was a joint PhD student of City University of Hong Kong and Xi'an Jiaotong University from 2016 to 2019. I do research in spatial statistics, spatial epidemiology, health policy and drug policy. I received my doctor degree of Philosophy from CityU in 2019, then was offered the post-doc funding from University of California, San Diego. I benefited a lot from the academic training and caring from the Department of Public Policy (POL) and Dr. Hsieh Chih-Wei, my supervisor in CityU. I completed the courses in CityU main campus (2016-2017) and wrote my thesis in CityU Shenzhen Research Institute (2018-2019). The courses of POL helped me broaden my scope of vision in public policy and lay a necessary foundation for the writing of the thesis. My deepest gratitude goes to Dr. Hsieh, for his invaluable guidance and constant support. Dr. Hsieh and myself published intensively on related topics of my thesis, which played a huge role in my post-doc funding application.

alumni Buf, LAM Tsz Tung (Graduated in 2015)
Master of Arts in China Studies
Senior Producer, PCCW Limited

While working as a reporter for five years, I had opportunities to travel in China and developed a growing interest in Chinese economic development. One of the most unforgettable experiences in my job was reporting the parallel trade in milk powder, which became a serious issue after the scandals arising from the discovery of milk powder containing poison in China. This gave rise to an important question in my mind: Why has China, even though it is a strong country with a very centralised government, still failed to protect its people?

In order to discover the answer, I applied to the MACS programme. This inter-disciplinary programme included courses in economics, politics, urban development, etc. truly provided me with a thorough understanding not only of the underlying political theory but also the and different policy making areas in China. It has also provided me with a more comprehensive picture and facilitated my analysis of the various events and happenings in China, which is very useful to a reporter who needs to analyse news issues and provide insights.

I am sure that joining the programme would provide students with very valuable training, particularly in equipping them with a multi-dimensional mind-set and critical thinking skills. These are not only important for their focus on China and its development, but will also be extremely beneficial for providing students with a truly global perspective.

alumni Phyllis, KONG Wai Yue (Graduated in 2010)
BSocSc (Hons) Policy Studies and Administration
Sustainability Project Developer, Ferrero, Luxembourg

Working in a multinational confectionary corporate, many are surprised to know that I graduated with a social science degree, majoring policy studies and public administration. Throughout the three-year PSA programme, I was very inspired, convinced and endeavoured to pursue an ethical career: to play a role in making business more responsible to their impacts. The course has equipped me with technical knowledge (e.g. human rights, compliance, etc.); thorough understanding of the complexity of social, ethical and economic issues, and business management projected from the public administration point of view. The predominant integration of people skills development in its modules has enabled me to become adaptive, diplomatic and professional at workplace. All these have critically contributed to my career- providing a solid foundation to develop better insights on sustainability and leading changes in ‘business-as-usual’.

I highly valued and appreciated the internship and overseas exchange opportunities given by the programme, preparing me to take on the later challenges of studying a Master’s degree in the UK, joining the European Commission’s traineeship programme in Brussels and building an international career at present. More importantly, the unlimited support given by the faculty has brought me to the current stage of professional experience and made me a better-qualified person.

alumni Gloria, YIP Wai Kei (Graduated in 2010)
BSocSc (Hons) Policy Studies and Administration
Project Coordination Officer, Airport Authority Hong Kong

The BSSPSA programme plays a significant role of making me into who I am today. The course has been well-equipped me with valuable transferrable skills which are important to my personal growth and career development, including skills in analyzing social issues, understanding international affairs and articulating my viewpoints. In addition, the study semester in the UK via the Exchange Programme has enriched my knowledge and exposure by meeting people from different countries with different culture which certainly has broadened my horizon. Such experience has then made me to pursue a master degree in Sustainability in the UK afterwards.

I have joined the Management Trainee Programme of the Airport Authority since 2012. My recent job rotations are mainly focused on the project “Expansion of HKIA into a Three-Runway-System” which has made me feel truly grateful because the skills I accumulated throughout my studies are able to make contribution to such a huge infrastructural project in Hong Kong. Last but not least, I would like to express my gratitude towards the great people I met during my study in the SA Department. The bonding is always present no matter where we are and what we are doing!

alumni Stephanie, ZOU Chen (Graduated in 2009)
BSocSc (Hons) Policy Studies and Administration
Teaching Assistant for Common Core Courses of China studies , the University of Hong Kong

I am currently working as a Teaching Assistant for Common Core Courses of China studies at the University of Hong Kong. My commitment and keen interest in teaching stem from my exposure to social sciences during my undergraduate years in the Department of Public and Social Administration. I always remember the feeling of being a newcomer to this field - I came with excitement and anticipation when I first learned about the scientific method in understanding how the giant "social machine" operated. Fortunately I benefited a lot from the systematical training here which prepared me with foundation in social sciences and basic tools for making intellectual inquires. It was more rewarding that I encountered supportive supervisors who had imparted both knowledge for rigorous research and the value of encouragement which smoothed my own journey of conducting research. There is no doubt that I became very different from whom when I first came in here – not merely in terms of the amount of knowledge but more as how I think and understand the changing society.

alumni Lloyd, CHIU Yan Loy (Graduated in 2008)
BSocSc (Hons) Policy Studies and Administration
Legislative Assistant, Labour Party

Since graduating, I have served the community through different platforms as a political assistant. I have to thank the professional training given by the PSA programme in the field of political sciences for nurturing me, enabling me to handle political disputes more efficiently, and allowing me to give policy advice with broad horizons.

I most appreciated the exchange opportunities and oversea learning experiences, which equipped me with a global vision advantageous to the development of policy research. With a background in China Studies in the department, I had the fortune to work as an assistant to a Hong Kong Deputy of the National People’s Congress, People’s Republic of China. Such a distinctive experience strengthened my sense of Chinese development. I have the programme to thank in giving me the knowledge necessary to excel in my career.

I highly recommend the PSA programme to those who have an interest in politics. The courses not only equips one with political knowledge but also enhances analytical and managerial skills in for a very competitive society.

alumni Smile, XU Yuanyuan (Graduated in 2007)
BSocSc (Hons) Policy Studies and Administration
Managing Director, Miles Group

My dream was to become a journalist on current affairs when I grew up. The curriculum at [in] SA [the Department] helped me with all the in-depth understanding of the knowledge I would need to be a responsible journalist. When I decided to change my career and moved to sports marketing business, my research trip to UK supported by SEED FUND benefited me with a better understanding of British culture and helped me to secure a management position at a leading UK sports marketing agency. The exchange experience to Syracuse has brought my relationship with clients closely whenever we talked about our NCAA sports teams and the iconic Orangeman. The years at SA [in the Department] has really widened my horizon and contributed extensively to the development into my career today.

alumni Eric, CHU Ming Kin (Graduated in 2005)
BSocSc (Hons) Policy Studies and Administration
Assistant Professor, Department of History, HKU

Thanks for the continuous support and encouragement from a group of excellent professors in the SA department, I benefited a lot from my undergraduate studies at CityU. Different kinds of knowledge and skills that I have acquired through my completion of course assignments and participation in extra-curricular activities equipped me to take up administrative duties in tertiary educational institutions in Hong Kong upon my graduation.

alumni CHEUNG Hay (Graduated in 2004)
BSocSc (Hons) Policy Studies and Administration
Managing Director, Numero Works Ltd.

I am the Managing Director of Numero Works Ltd., and I am a band player. Balancing talents and extensive communication play significant roles at creative event agency like Numero Works. Those are the essential keys for events to become magical. While in a music band, it is also important for every player to stick with what they are good at in order for music notes to become a masterpiece. All of the above requires professional managing skills and knowledge. I gradually built up my technique throughout the academic years at City University. The program has offered me a whole lot in the sense of management with diversify curriculum and comprehensive content. Thank you for sculpting who I am today.

alumni Nelson, TONG Yick Chung
MAPPM (2006), BAPSA (2001)
Senior Immigration Officer (Service Support Section), HKSAR Government

I treasure the learning experiences for my studies in BAPSA (BA in Public and Social Administration) and MAPPM (MA in Public Policy and Management) very much. Both programmes enrich my knowledge on the formulation of public policy, public management and political theories. Also, I have been kept abreast of the latest political and social development of China and other countries through taking part in the study tour and attending the seminars delivered by teaching professionals.

Besides, I find the courses, e.g. the studies in organisational behaviour and public financial management, etc. are very useful to me in discharging the duties as a managerial grade staff in government department. I have much opportunity to sharpen my communication skill through the submission of academic papers and exchanging ideas with others in tutorials. Moreover, the intensive training in policy analysis enhances my analytical power and enables me to review the public policy critically. I am capable to resolve problems in a holistic approach and examine the possible way out impartially.