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Pointing Device for Interacting with Touch-Sensitive Devices and Methods Thereof

“Physical Device with Movable Touch Points Interacting with Touch-Sensitive Devices and Related Methods” refers to a pointing device and a method for interacting with touch-sensitive devices. The pointing device provides not only positioning, orientation and identification, but also a continuous range of values determined by various pressure levels when force is applied on the housing member. The pointing device may be used for navigating on a touch-sensitive device, or as a component of an entertaining system used with touch-sensitive devices.
This invention has been filed for Hong Kong Short-term patent application (Application No: 13106809.3; Patent No: HK1179820) and Hong Kong Divisional Short-term patent application (Application No: 13109602.6; Patent No: HK1182275) on 7 June, 2013.
One application we have done is using the pointing device as a game controller interacting with multi-touch-sensitive devices. With the licensed character from Husky x3, AomeHusky, we have developed an App toy and a mobile storytelling application. This play set of an interactive toy and a mobile game was first launched and published on 11 July 2013 during the Taipei Toy Festival.
With a physical toy product, this helps enhance user experience when interacting the virtual world with a physical toy. Besides, this promotes branding and marketing in a new and fun way. We can cooperate with more brands, using their brand image as design theme of the toy product and related software application for use with multi-touch-sensitive devices.

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