Welcome to the website of the Plasma Laboratory at City University of Hong Kong 



The Plasma Laboratory was established in 1996 with financial support from City Univesity of Hong Kong, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, The University of Hong Kong, as well as Hong Kong Research Grants Council.   Construction of the original laboratory and class-1000 cleanroom was completed in 1996 and the laboratory was relocated to a new site at Cheng Yick-Chi Building (CYC-1200) in 2009.  It is the only plasma research facility of its kind in Hong Kong and recognized to be one of the leading research laboratories in the fields. 

Our research activities are quite diverse encompassing plasma science and engineering, surface science and engineering, opto-electronics, biomaterials, energy materials, and advanced functional materials and thin films.  We have research ties and joint programs with many universities, research institutions, and companies and our researchers have won a number of awards.  You will find links to our research activities, facilities, papers, patents, feature articles, and other information.  For more information, please contact Prof. Paul K Chu.