City University of Hong Kong-HK

Internships and Residency Programmes

The Department of Infectious Diseases and Public Health (IDPH) started internships and residency programmes in 2015 for local veterinarians. The initial phase of the programmes involves sending the chosen candidates to the College of Veterinary Medicine (CVM) at Cornell University. Local program will be established at Peace Avenue Veterinary Clinic, which was acquired by CityU.

In 2015, Dr May Tse was selected to join the 3-year Anatomic Pathology Residency Programme. On completion of the residency programmes, Dr Tse will need to pass her board examinations to qualify as a specialist. She will return to CityU to work as a anatomic pathology specialist in the IDPH’s diagnostic laboratory and hospital, teaching undergraduate students, and acting as a mentor in other internship and residency programmes, and conducting research.

The IDPH is planning to conduct the training programmes in several specialties, including, cardiology, diagnostic imaging, internal medicine, dentistry pathology (anatomy and clinical) microbiology and toxicology. It is our objective to offer training opportunities to local veterinarians to enable them to qualify as specialists and then become part of the large group of IDPH’s specialist veterinarians.

If you are interested in our Internship and Residency Programmes, please contact