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Link with Advanced Diploma in Veterinary Nursing

Recognising the vital role that the veterinary nurse plays in the welfare and healthcare of the animals in our Society, the Department of Infectious Diseases and Public Health (IDPH) proudly supports Advanced Diploma in Veterinary Nursing (AVDN) programme delivered by the School of Continuing and Professional Education (SCOPE).

IDPH provides expert advice in veterinary science and education for the development of the programme. Maintaining a close link with IDPH means that the ADVN programme constantly receives the most up-to-date information about the veterinary profession and industry, to ensure the programme not only aligns well with the vision and goals of The Department, also the graduates meet societal needs and expectations, in Hong Kong and globally.

The role of the veterinary nurse is diverse. It is a vital member of the veterinary team who focuses on the welfare of the patient by providing holistic nursing care. Veterinary nurses can be found working in places / organisations such as companion animal veterinary clinics or hospitals, animal shelters, wildlife rehabilitation centres, environmental conservation NGOs, horse riding establishments, farms and laboratory animal facilities.

The Department is delighted with the success in the ADVN Programme’s student recruitment of the first cohort, 2016. The number of applications for the programme was impressive, the quality and enthusiasm the candidates were most promising. To learn more about the veterinary nurse and the ADVN programme, please visit: