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The College of Veterinary Medicine and Life Sciences is developing world-class facilities for its various programmes.

In 2016, CityU has acquired full ownership of Hong Kong’s biggest companion animal clinic (PAVC, previously Peace Avenue Veterinary Clinic) which will be used as a veterinary teaching clinic and training facility for future veterinarians and veterinary nurses and technicians.

The CityU Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory commenced operations on 4 December 2017.

In addition, we are developing a two-hectare marine aquaculture research centre in Sha Tau Kok, as well as a commercial fish farm in Sai Kung.

A production animal farm and ambulatory service, equine facilities and other teaching venues such as wet and dry labs and a clinical skills lab are also planned.

These facilities will provide a suitable environment for pre-clinical training and sufficient clinical caseloads for students and will allow the students to gain experience with a variety of species and ensure very strong and comprehensive clinical veterinary training.


Students will also have regular visits to commercial pig and poultry farms and riding schools as part of our ambulatory service rotations. This ambulatory service will engage directly with local stakeholders, i.e. farmers, local veterinarians, feed suppliers and animal transporters and form a bridge between them and consumers. An ambulatory service is currently lacking, and local farmers see the establishment of this service as essential in improving the health of their livestock and ensuring a safe food chain. As a result of our collaboration with local farms, the College has received overwhelming support from local agricultural and livestock associations and we have recently signed several memorandums of understanding and agreements with the following livestock associations and farms to cover all the major species.

IDPH Facilities

1Peace Avenue Veterinary ClinicMongkok, KowloonCompanion Animals Clinic
2CityU CampusCityU Campus, KowloonTeaching Facilities
 CityU Veterinary Diagnostic Lab Veterinary Diagnostic Lab
 Aquatic Science Lab Aquaculture
3Aquaculture Research CentreSha Tau Kok, New TerritoriesAquaculture
4Marine Fish FarmSai Kung, Tai Tau ChauAquaculture
5Production Animals Teaching FarmLam Tsuen, Tai PoProduction Animals
6Equine FacilitiesTai Tong, New TerritoriesEquine