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Welcome to new Head of Department

31 October 2017

The Department of Infectious Diseases and Public Health welcomes Prof. David Hampson as its new Head of Department.

Prof. Hampson is a world-renowned veterinary microbiologist and recently joined City University as Chair Professor in Pathobiology.

He is the former Dean of the School of Veterinary and Life Sciences and Professor of Veterinary Microbiology at Murdoch University in Perth, Western Australia, where his distinguished career spanned over 31 years and led to global recognition for his contributions to research and science. In recent years, his research had been focused on developing new vaccines and diagnostic tests for use in controlling disease in pigs and poultry.

Prof. Hampson has received numerous prizes, awards and fellowships and has an emerging pig pathogen named after him: Brachyspira hampsonii.

He is committed to the One Health approach and encourages work at the interface of human, animal and ecosystem health.

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