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11 Dec 2013 The 4th South China Small Animal Veterinary Conference
26 Sep 2014 Emerging Technologies Forum - Veterinary Science and Medicine
21 Nov 2013 International Animal Welfare Symposium
31 Mar 2015 Where do emerging diseases come from? - A One Health Lecture
22 May 2015 Genomics of Worms, with an Emphasis on Carcinogenic Liver Fluke
22 Apr 2016 Dientamoebiasis – an emerging zoonosis
16 Oct 2016 Animal Welfare Series 2016:
Animals as Pets and Companions to People
6 Mar 2017 Post Graduate Continuing Education in Advanced Animal Welfare Online Course 2017
29 Mar 2017 The President's Lecture Series: Birds, People and Avian Influenza
12 Sept 2017 One Health Seminar Series: Next Generation DNA Sequencing Applications for Viral and Bacterial Animal Diseases
5 Dec 2017 Antimicrobial usage and –resistance in food producing animals and the need for a One Health approach to safeguard human and animal health
26 Jan 2018 One Health Seminar Series:
Rabies in Indonesia: Past, Present and Future
26 Jan 2018 Use of mathematical and statistical modeling for developing control strategies in microbiological food safety and food-animal health
30 Jan 2018 Application of Advanced Quantitative Analysis Methods in the Study of the Epidemiology of Avian Influenza
1 Feb 2018 An Update on Felis Catus Gammaherpesvirus 1: A Candidate Feline Tumour Virus
7 Feb 2018 Peering into the toolbox: Dissection and application of versatile mosquito-borne alphaviruses
12 Apr 2018 Pathogens Causing Reproductive Failure in Cattle and Buffalo in Laos
31 July 2018 New molecular tools to support veterinary diagnostics during multiple infections and potential vaccine approaches
14 September 2018 Feline Infectious Diseases in Australia