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11 Dec 2013 The 4th South China Small Animal Veterinary Conference
26 Sep 2014 Emerging Technologies Forum - Veterinary Science and Medicine
21 Nov 2013 International Animal Welfare Symposium
31 Mar 2015 Where do emerging diseases come from? - A One Health Lecture
22 May 2015 Genomics of Worms, with an Emphasis on Carcinogenic Liver Fluke
22 Apr 2016 Dientamoebiasis – an emerging zoonosis
16 Oct 2016 Animal Welfare Series 2016:
Animals as Pets and Companions to People
6 Mar 2017 Post Graduate Continuing Education in Advanced Animal Welfare Online Course 2017
29 Mar 2017 The President's Lecture Series: Birds, People and Avian Influenza
12 Sept 2017 One Health Seminar Series: Next Generation DNA Sequencing Applications for Viral and Bacterial Animal Diseases
5 Dec 2017 Antimicrobial usage and –resistance in food producing animals and the need for a One Health approach to safeguard human and animal health
26 Jan 2018 One Health Seminar Series:
Rabies in Indonesia: Past, Present and Future
26 Jan 2018 Use of mathematical and statistical modeling for developing control strategies in microbiological food safety and food-animal health
30 Jan 2018 Application of Advanced Quantitative Analysis Methods in the Study of the Epidemiology of Avian Influenza
1 Feb 2018 An Update on Felis Catus Gammaherpesvirus 1: A Candidate Feline Tumour Virus
7 Feb 2018 Peering into the toolbox: Dissection and application of versatile mosquito-borne alphaviruses
12 Apr 2018 Pathogens Causing Reproductive Failure in Cattle and Buffalo in Laos