Research Projects

The projects listed for the year 2017-18 and before were funded to faculty members under the former Department of Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering.

List of Successful General Research Fund (GRF) / Early Career Scheme (ECS) Projects - 2016-17

Project Title Principal Investigator
1 Directing left-right asymmetry in tissue formation via micropatterned substrate with varying stiffness Dr. CHEN, Ting Hsuan
2 Universal flying objects (UFOs): modular multicopter system for flight of arbitrary objects Dr. CHIRARATTANANON, Pakpong
3 Distributed cooperative control for optimal deployment of networked mobile robots Prof. FENG, Gang
4 Thermo-mechanical processing of Ca containing highly creep-resistant Mg-Al-Ba and Mg-Zn alloys for high-strength light-weight applications Prof. KAMINENI, Rao P
5 Gaze tracking for robotic limb control: calibration, estimation of POG and tracking Prof. LI, You-fu
6 Output regulation for time-delay systems and its application in trajectory tracking of mobile robots Dr. LIU, Lu
7 Online life-long learning for visual navigation of autonomous mobile robots using hierarchical structures Dr. LIU, Ming
8 Development of high strength and high ductility micro-alloyed gold by inducing gradient nanostructures Prof. LU, Jian
9 Mechanics of 1-D diamond nanostructures Dr. LU, Yang
10 Autonomous warehouse logistics with multiple mobile manipulators Dr. PAN, Jia
11 Nano robot for in-situ torsion testing inside SEM Dr. SHEN, Yajing
12 Microfluidic arrays of three-dimensional neuronal culture for high-throughput chemotactic assays and its application in neuroregeneration Dr. SHI, Peng
13 Development of a magnetic-driven robotic control system for the precise delivery of cell-cultured microrobots in vivo Prof. SUN, Dong
14 Large-scale single-cell photoacoustic microscopy of the brain in action Dr. WANG, Lidai
15 Understanding and controlling Janus droplet at high temperature for efficient heat transfer Dr. WANG, Zuankai
16 Optimization and enhancement of oil supply for hydrodynamic slider bearing through tailored surface effects Dr. WONG, Patrick P. L.
17 Controllable synthesis and lithium storage performance of graphene network@mesoporous carbon integrated with nano silicon and metal oxides Dr. ZHANG, Kaili
18 Fully coupled multiphysics modeling of burnup dependent (U1-y, Puy)O2-x fast reactor fuels performance under normal operation and reactor transients Dr. ZHOU Wenzhong

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