Bachelor of Engineering in
Manufacturing Systems Engineering (BEngMFSE)
工學士 (製造系統工程學) *

* This programme admitted its last cohort of Advanced Standing II students through the non-JUPAS (direct application) route in 2017-18, and has been consolidated into the Mechanical Engineering programme.


Manufacturing Systems Engineering (MFSE) is a challenging and dynamic engineering discipline. The MFSE major is offered for fulfilling the needs of engineers and managers in acquiring intensive knowledge relevant to globalized manufacturing and engineering enterprises. The major specifically emphasizes the learning of knowledge-based manufacturing technologies and systems, information technologies and management in manufacturing.

The major will provide students with opportunities to develop their creative, analytical, problem-solving, organizational, and communication and application skills in the context of manufacturing systems engineering.

The major develops engineers who can:

  1. develop and manage system-level procedures governing the productivity and quality maintenance/improvement activities in industries
  2. develop and manage “process engineering” and “design for manufacture” activities in discrete product design and manufacturing industries and
  3. contribute significantly towards the modernization and computerization of manufacturing facilities and systems with the support of appropriate technical specialists.


By virtue of their education and training, graduates of the Manufacturing Systems Engineering major can handle a wide range of job functions in manufacturing or servicing sector. Many are ready to take up managerial positions in a few years after graduation. Typical job nature normally held by the graduates includes :-

  • Engineering: Computer Integrated Manufacturing, CAD/CAE, e-manufacturing, Manufacturing Engineering, Product Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Service Engineering, Purchasing/Procurement Engineering, Information Technology, Computer Software Support, ERP Systems
  • Logistics Engineering: Production and Materials Planning, Logistics Engineering, ERP/MRP Systems
  • Quality: Quality Assurance Engineering, Quality Control Engineering
  • Design: Product Design, Tool & Die Design, Manufacturing Systems Design

Study Path for Graduates of BEngMFSE


MSc in Mechanical Engineering (MSME), and MPhil and PhD programmes of the department are available for further study for graduates of BENG MFSE. Graduates of BENG MFSE may obtain credit transfer for courses in these programmes.


Direct/non-JUPAS applicants considered for Advanced Standing admission are expected to have, or to be close to having, Associate Degrees or Higher Diplomas with high grades (CGPA ≥3.0 or equivalent) or credit awards, in Engineering or related disciplines.

Qualified applicants may be invited for interviews and considered for admission based on their performance in the following areas:

  • Academic performance
  • Leadership experience and potential
  • Extra-curricular activities
  • Community/school services
  • Communication skills
  • Recommendation

Scholarship is available to outstanding students admitted to the major by the non-JUPAS route.


The curriculum is composed of a set of core courses and a wide range of electives. The main subject areas are:

  • Engineering and Science: Engineering Mathematics, Electronics, Mechanics, Thermo and Fluid Dynamics, Mechanical Design, Engineering Computing
  • Design and Manufacturing Technologies: Product Development, Ergonomics Design, Metallic and Non-Metallic Materials, Manufacturing Processes, Advanced Manufacturing Technologies, Robotics and Machine Vision, Automation Technology, Design for Manufacture, Metrology and Applications, Green and Sustainable Manufacturing
  • Computer and Engineering Information: Computer Programming, CAD/CAM, Finite Element Analysis, Computer Aided Process Planning, Virtual Prototyping and Manufacturing, Engineering Database and Systems, Enterprise Information Systems
  • Systems and Management: Production and Operations Planning, Quality Engineering, Logistics and Materials Management, Engineering Management, Project Management, Industrial Marketing for Engineers, Professional Engineering Practice


The Major has been accredited by the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers (HKIE), a signatory member of the Washington Accord under which all members agree to recognise each other's accredited engineering degree programmes.


Government Funded Programmes

Latest information on tuition fees is available at the website of the Academic Regulations and Records Office.

Non-Government Funded Programmes

The last cohort of part-time students was admitted in 2008. The tuition fee for students admitted in 2008 and before is $2,100 per credit unit.

Inquiry: 3442-8419 (Ms. May Kan)


Dr. Weiyin MA

Major Structure/Major Requirement (Links to University Undergraduate Catalogue)

Normative 4-year Degree (for the 2015 cohort)
Advanced Standing I (ASI) (for the 2016 cohort)


BENGU2 MFSE 2017/2018 Cohort (ASII)

BENGU4 MFSE 2015/2016 Cohort
BENGU3 MFSE 2016/2017 Cohort (ASI)
BENGU2 MFSE 2016/2017 Cohort (ASII)

BENG4 MFSE 2014/15 Cohort
BENGU3 MFSE 2015/16 Cohort (ASI)
BENGU2 MFSE 2015/16 Cohort (ASII)


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