Major Facilities and Equipment

(A) Mechanical Engineering and Materials Analysis

  1. Sodick CNC EDM Wire Cut Machine
  2. Charmilles CNC EDM Machine
  3. Agie Charmilles Mikon 5 Axis CNC Machining Center
  4. MTS 810 Material Testing System
  5. MTS 370 Axial Torsional Material Testing System
  6. MTS RT/30 Electro-Mechanical Material Testing System
  7. Tinius Olsen Material Testing System
  8. Hysitron TI950 Tribo Indenter
  9. Fischer HM2000XY Micro-Hardness Tester
  10. TA Q600 Differential Thermal Analyzer (DTG)
  11. TA DSC Q20 Differential Calorimeter (DSC)
  12. Bruker Tensor 27 FTIR Spectrometer
  13. Shimadzu EDX-720 Energy Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometer
  14. PerkinElmer Clarus 600 Gas Chromatograph Mass Spectrometer (GCMS)
  15. Teer Coatings UDP650 Magnetron Sputtering Ion Plating System
  16. Teer Coatings UDP450 Magnetron Sputtering Ion Plating System
  17. SVT Associates CVD Deposition System
  18. Bruker Dimension Fast Scan AFM
  19. Bruker Dimension Icon AFM
  20. Stratasys Dimension SST 1200es 3D Printer

(B) Biomedical Engineering

  1. FEI Quanta 250 Environmental SEM
  2. FEI Quanta 450 FESEM
  3. JEOL JEM-2011F TEM
  4. Bruker Dektak XT Profilometer
  5. Wyko NT9300 3D Surface Profiler
  6. Keyence VW-6000 High Speed video camera
  7. Bruker BioScope AFM
  8. Agilent 5500 AFM
  9. Leica TCS SP8 Confocal Microscope System
  10. Leica TCS Multiphoton Microscopy System
  11. Bruker In-Vivo Xtreme Live Animal Imaging System
  12. Bruker #ICON Compact MRI Imaging System
  13. PerfictLab SP6 Probe Station
  14. Cryofox Tornado 300 Metal Sputtering System
  15. SUSS MA6 BSA Double sized Mask Aligner
  16. Oxford Plasma Lab 80 plus RIE System
  17. NanoScribe micro 3D Printer
  18. BD Biosciences benchtop Flow Cytometer
  19. Molecular Devices SpectraMax M5e Microplate Reader
  20. PerkinElmer Raman 400F Spectrometer
  21. Regenovo 3D BioPrinter
  22. Forever Elegance 3D Electronic Magnetic System
  23. Optical Tweezer Manipulation System

(C) Nuclear Engineering

  1. GSE Full Scope GPWR Generic Nuclear Simulator with MAAP
  2. Two Phase Pool Boiling and Condensation Passive Cooling System
  3. DANTEC Two Phase Flow Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) System
  4. PCO DIMAX High Speed Camera
  5. FRAPCON/FRAPTRAN Nuclear Fuel Behavior Software System
  6. ANSYS Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Software System
  7. COMSOL MultiPhysics Simulation Software System

Last modified on 3 July, 2018