Access IntraMEL

The IntraMEL has the following functionalities:-

  1. Labsheet searching, browsing and download. It is flexible for students to search, browse and download laboratory sheet (labsheet) related to the modules they are undertaking. In order to facilitate the search, module schedules and the labsheets of those courses are recorded on a weekly basis and presented in a form of timetable. Students can view the labsheet contents online. There are also some videos that demonstrate the operations of the equipment.

  2. Technical staff information and timetable. This function is primarily used for students to understand who is responsible for the experiments that they undertake, and check the specialties and availability of the laboratory staff that they would like to discuss with. As the system is not designed for administrative purpose, laboratory staff scheduling issues other than regular experiment support like overtime and research support has not been recorded.

  3. Laboratory Weekday Evening and Saturday Opening Schedule. This function allows students to view which laboratory areas are open in the evening session to support final year projects (FYP).

Last modified on 3 July, 2018