Major Allocation (for 2021-22 intake)

The top 40% of students in the department who meet the University & College specified requirements will have a free choice of majors offered by their home department according to the following criteria:

  • Cumulative grade point average (CGPA) at the end of Semester B;
  • No failed grades in any courses in Semesters A and B; and
  • No academic dishonesty record for the year; and
  • Completion of at least 30 credit units in Semesters A and B, including the number of credit units specified by the College / respective Home Academic Unit *.
Course Specified by College Course Required by Department
College-specified GE Courses
  • MA1200 Calculus and Basic Linear Algebra I/MA1300 Enhanced Calculus and Linear Algebra I
  • MA1201 Calculus and Basic Linear Algebra II/ MA1301 Enhanced Calculus and Linear Algebra II
  • MNE2066 Engineers in Society
  • College Requirement
  • PHY1101 Introductory Classical Mechanics
  • CS1302 Introduction to Computer Programming
  • PHY1202 General Physics II
  • MNE2016 Engineering Graphics
  • * Credits earned from “LC200A/B English for Academic Purposes 1 or 2” and “CHIN1001 University Chinese I” taken in Semesters A and B 2020/21 will be counted towards the 30 credit unit requirement. However, grades obtained from the above two courses will not be included in the GPA calculation.

    For the remaining 60% of students, on the condition that they have completed all the required courses in the above table, their selection of major will be prioritized according to:

    1. CGPA
    2. Student’s choice of major

    Major Options

    Major Major Leader
  • Mechanical Engineering (M.E.)
  • Nuclear and Risk Engineering (NRE)
  • Prof. Kaili ZHANG
  • Prof. Ji-Jung KAI
  • Please refer to ARRO’s website for more details regarding major allocation.

    Last modified on 26 July, 2021