Selected Publications


Main Research Areas:
A. Automation
B. Sensing by optical fibres

  1. Savovic S and Djordjevich A (2007) "Method for calculating the coupling coefficient in step index optical fibers", Applied Optics, 46(9), 1477-1481.
  2. Djordjevich A (2005) "Distributed Fiberoptic Ice Detector", Canadian Patent 2,244,086.
  3. Li X, Djordjevich A and Patri K V (2000) "Current Sensor Based Feed Cutting Force Intelligent Estimation and Tool Wear Condition Monitoring", IEEE T. on Industrial Electronics, 47(3), 697-702.
  4. Djordjevich A, Tso S K and Zhang J (2000) "Extended Range Tactility in Material Handling", Int. J. of Production Research, 38(17), 4357-4367.
  5. Djordjevich A, Bonham D J, Hussein E M A, Andrew J W and Hale M E (1990) "Optimal Design of Radiotherapy Compensators", Medical Physics, 17(3), 397-404.

Prof. Gary FENG

Main Research Areas:
A. Intelligent systems and control
B. Energy systems and control

  1. Zhang T J, Feng G, and Zeng X J (2009), "Output Tracking of Constrained Nonlinear Processes with Offset-free Input-to-State Stable Fuzzy Predictive Control", Automatica, 45(4), 900-909.
  2. Wang Y Z, Feng G, and Cheng D Z (2007) "Simultaneous stabilization of a set of nonlinear port-controlled Hamiltonian Systems", Automatica, 43(3), 403-415.
  3. Feng G (2005) "Robust Filtering Design of Piecewise Discrete Time Linear Systems", IEEE Trans. Signal Processing, 53(2), 599-605.
  4. Chen C L, Feng G, Sun D, and Guan X P (2005) "Output Feedback Control for Discrete Time Fuzzy Systems with Application to Chaos Control", IEEE Trans. Fuzzy Systems, 13(4), 531-543.
  5. Feng G (2002) "Stability Analysis of Piecewise Discrete Time Linear Systems", IEEE Trans. Automat. Contr., 47(7), 1108-1112.

Dr. John HO

Main Research Areas:
A. Product design & manufacturing
B. Engineering management

  1. LI X D, Chow T W S, and Ho J K L "Quasi-sliding mode based repetitive control for nonlinear continuous-time system with rejection of periodic disturbances", Automatica.
  2. Xiao-Dong LI, Chow T W S, Ho J K L and Tan H Z (2007) "Repetitive learning control of nonlinear continuous-time system using quasi-sliding mode" IEEE Trans. On Control Systems Technology, 15(2), 369-374.
  3. LI X D, Ho J K L, and Chow T W S (2005) "Iterative learning control for linear time-variant discrete systems based on 2-D system theory," IEE Proceedings, Control Theory and Applications, 152(1), 13-18.
  4. LI X D, Ho J K L, and Chow T W S (2005) "An iterative learning control method and mathematical model for robotic manipulation at undesired locations," International Journal of Computer Integrated Manufacturing. Vol.18, No.6, pp.480-486.
  5. Ho J K L (2005) "A proposed approach for reconfiguration of flexible assembly line systems by motion genes" International Journal of Production Research, 43(9), 729-1749.

Dr. Meng HUA

Main Research Areas:
A. Manufacturing technologies
B. Surface modification and tribology

  1. Yu X, Hua M, Wang C B, Liu Y, Yu D Y and Ma S L (2007) "Enhancing hardness of arc-iron-plated nanocrystallite TiN films", Nanotechnology, 18, 355710 (doi:1O.1088/0957-4484/18/35/355710), 1-5.
  2. Hua M, Ma H Y, Li J and Mok C K (2006) "Tribological behaviors of patterned PVD TiN spot coatings on M2 steel coated with different bias voltages", Surface & Coatings Technology, 200, 3612-3625.
  3. Hua M, Shao T M, Hong YT (Tam, HY) and Man ECH (Cheung EHM) (2004) "Influence of pulse duration on the surface morphology of ASSAB DF-2 (AISI-01) cold work steel treated by YAG Laser", Surface & Coatings Technology, 185(2-3), 127-136.
  4. Liu Z Q, Hua M and Reuben R L (1999) "Three-dimensional contact model for numerically analyzing pressure distribution in wear", Tribology Letters, 7, 183-197.
  5. Hua M, Sansome D H and Baines K (1995) "Mathematical modeling of the internal bending moment at the top roll contact in multi-pass four-roll thin-plate bending process", J. Mater. Process. Technol., 52, 425-459.


Main Research Areas:
A. Thermo-mechanical forming of new magnesium alloys
B. Processing of bulk metallic composites with nano-dispersions

  1. Rao K P, Prasad Y V R K and Suresh K (2011), "Materials modeling and simulation of isothermal forging of rolled AZ31B magnesium alloy: Anisotropy of flow", Materials & Design, 32(5), 2545-2553. (doi:10.1016/j.matdes.2011.01.050)
  2. Rao K P and Prasad Y V R K (2011) "Processing map and hot working mechanisms in a P/M TiAl alloy composite with in situ carbide and silicide dispersions", Materials Science and Engineering, A 527(24-25), 6589-6595. (doi:10.1016/j.msea.2010.06.064)
  3. Prasad Y V R K, Rao K P, Hort N and Kainer K U (2010) "Effect of thermal and mechanical treatments on the hot working response of Mg-3Sn-1Ca alloy", International Journal of Materials Research, 101(2), 300-306. (doi:10.3139/146.110269)
  4. Prasad Y V R K, Rao K P and Gupta M (2009) "Hot workability and deformation mechanisms in Mg/nano-Al2O3 composite", Composites Science and Technology, 69(8), 1070-1076. (doi: 10.1016/j.compscitech.2009.01.032)
  5. Prasad Y V R K and Rao K P (2008) "Processing maps for hot deformation of AZ31 magnesium alloy plate: Anisotropy of hot workability", Materials Science and Engineering, A 487(1-2), 316-327. (doi:10.1016/j.msea.2007.10.038)

Dr. Lawrence LI

Main Research Areas:
A. Surface Engineering
B. Tribology

  1. B.H. Luo, P.W. Shum, Z.F. Zhou and K.Y. Li, "Surface geometrical model modification and contact angle prediction for the laser patterned steel surface", SURFACE AND COATING TECHNOLOGY, 205 (2010) pp2597-2604.
  2. B.H. Luo, P.W. Shum, Z.F. Zhou and K.Y. Li, "Preparation of hydrophobic surface on steel by patterning using laser ablation process", SURFACE AND COATING TECHNOLOGY, 204 (2010) 1180-1185.
  3. Y.F.Xu, P.W.Shum, Z.F.Zhou, K.Y.Li, "Effect of high-energy carbon ion implantation on Ti-Al-Si-N coatings by metal vapour vacuum arc", SURFACE AND COATING TECHNOLOGY, 204 (2010) 1914-1918.
  4. Z.F.Zhou, P.L.Tam, P.W.Shum, K.Y.Li, "High temperature oxidation of CrTiAlN hard coatings prepared by unbalanced magnetron sputtering", THIN SOLID FILMS, 517 (2009) 5243-5247.
  5. Vyas, K.Y.Li, Y.G.Shen "Influence of deposition conditions on mechanical and tribological properties of nanostructured TiN/CNx multilayer films Surface and Coatings Technology", SURFACE AND COATING TECHNOLOGY, 203 (2009) 967-975.

Dr. Y F LI

Main Research Areas:
A. Robot vision
B. Robot sensing

  1. Chen S, Li Y F and Zhang J (2008), "Vision Processing for Realtime 3D Data Acquisition Based on Coded Structured Light", IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, 17(2), 167-176.
  2. Wu Y, Li Y F and Hu Z (2008), "Detecting and Handling Unreliable Points for Camera Parameter Estimation", International Journal of Computer Vision.
  3. Li Y F and Zhang B (2007), "Dynamic Calibration and 3D Reconstruction in a Structured Light System", Journal of the Optical Society of America (JOSA) A- Optics Image Science and Vision, 24(3), 785-793.
  4. Zhang B, Li Y F and Wu Y (2007), "Self-Recalibration of a Structured Light System via Plane-Based Homography", Pattern Recognition, 40(4), 1368-1377.
  5. Chen S, Li Y F, et al. (2006), "Real-Time Three-Dimensional Surface Measurement by Color Encoded Light Projection", Applied Physics Letters, 89(11), 111108-10.

Prof. Jian LU

Main Research Areas:
A. Mechanics of nanomaterials and nanomechanics
B. Material processing and design

  1. Tong W.P., Tao N.R., Wang Z.B., Lu J., Lu K. (2003) "Nitriding iron at lower temperatures", SCIENCE, pp. 686-688.
  2. Cao Y.P., Lu J. (2004) "A new method to extract the plastic properties of metal materials from an instrumented spherical indentation loading curve", ACTA MATERIALIA, Volume 52, Issue 13, pp. 4023-4032.
  3. Cao Y.P., Lu J. (2005) "Size-dependent sharp indentation-I: A closed-form expression of the indentation loading curve and II A reverse algorithm to identify plastic properties of metallic materials", JOURNAL OF THE MECHANICS AND PHYSICS OF SOLIDS, vol. 53, pp. 33-62.
  4. Ye J.C., Lu J., Liu C.T., Wang Q., Yang Y. (2010) "Atomistic Free-Volume Zones and Inelastic Deformation of Metallic-Glasses Characterized by High-Frequency Dynamic Micropillar Tests", NATURE MATERIALS, Volume 9, Issue 8, pp. 619-623.
  5. Chan H.L., Ruan H.H., Chen A.Y., Lu J. (2010) "Optimization of strain-rate to achieve exceptional mechanical properties of 304 stainless steel using high speed ultrasonic SMAT", ACTA MATERIALIA, Volume 58, Issue 15, pp. 5086-5096.


Main Research Areas:
A. Robotics
B. Signal Processing

  1. B.L. Luk, K.P. Liu, Z.D. Jiang, F. Tong (2009), "Robotic impact-acoustics system for tile-wall bonding integrity inspection", Mechatronics 19, pp.1251-1260.
  2. Z.D. Jiang, B.L. Luk, K.P. Liu (2009), "Bispectra-based impact acoustic non-destructive evaluation", NDT&E International, Vol 42, pp.652-657.
  3. Chen S., Hong X., Luk B.L., Harris C.J. Apr (2009), "Construction of Tunable Radial Basis Function Networks Using Orthogonal Forward Selection", IEEE Transactions On Systems Man And Cybernetics Part B-Cybernetics, Volume: 39, Issue: 2, pp.457-466.
  4. B.L. Luk, K.P. Liu, A.A. Collie, D.S. Cooke and S. Chen (2006) "Tele-operated Climbing and Mobile Service robots for Remote Inspection and Maintenance in Nuclear Industry", Industrial Robot - An International Journal, Vol. 33, No.3, pp.194-204.
  5. B.L. Luk, D.S. Cooke, S. Galt, A.A. Collie, S. Chen (2005) "Intelligent Legged Climbing Service Robot For Remote Maintenance Applications In Hazardous Environments", Robotics and Autonomous Systems, Vol. 53/2, pp.142-152.

Dr. Wei Yin MA

Main Research Areas:
A. Geometric Modelling and CAD/CAM
B. Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing

  1. Guiqing Li and Weiyin Ma (2007) "Composite 2 subdivision surfaces", Computer Aided Geometric Design, 24(6), 339-360.
  2. Guiqing Li and Weiyin Ma (2007) "A method for constructing interpolatory subdivisions and blending subdivisions", Computer Graphics Forum, 26(2), 185-201.
  3. Weiyin Ma (2005) "Subdivision surfaces for CAD - an overview", Computer Aided Design, 37(7), 693-709.
  4. Weiyin Ma, Wing-Chung But, Peiren He (2004) "NURBS-based adaptive slicing for efficient rapid prototyping", Computer Aided Design, 36(13), 1309-1325.
  5. Weiyin Ma, Yongmin Zhong, Shiu-Kit Tso, Tianxiang Zhou (2004) "A hierarchically structured and constraint-based data model for intuitive and precise solid odeling in a virtual reality environment", Computer Aided Design, 36(10), 903-928.

Mr. Albert MOK

Main Research Areas:
A. Mould & Die Design and Development
B. Design for Manufacture

  1. Mok, C.K., Hua, M. and Wong, S.Y., "A Hybrid Case-Based Reasoning CAD System for Injection Mould Design", International Journal of production Research, Vol. 46, No. 14, pp. 3783-3800, July 2008.
  2. Mok, C.K., Chin, K.S. and Lan, H. B., "An Internet-based intelligent design system for injection mould", Journal of Robotics and Computer Integrated Manufacturing, Vol. 24, Issue 1, pp. 1-15, Feb. 2008.
  3. Chin, K.S., Mok, C.K. and Zu, X., "Modeling and performance simulation of mould-design process", International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, Vol. 34, pp. 236-251, Sept. 2007.
  4. Mok, C.K. and Wong, F.S.Y., "Automatic Feature Recognition for Plastics Injection Moulded Part Design", The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, Vol. 27, pp. 1058-1070, 2006.
  5. Mok C K, Chin K S and Ho K L J, "An Interactive Knowledge-Based CAD System for Mould Design in Injection Moulding Processes", The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, Vol. 17, Issue 1, pp. 27-38, 2001.


Main Research Areas:
A. Nanostructured Materials: Nanocomposites, Nanomultilayers, and Thin Films (carbon-related, metals, nitrides, oxides)
B. Thin Film Fabrication and Materials Characterization: TEM/HRTEM, SEM, XPS, Raman, XRD, AFM, Nanoindentation, and Simulation/Modeling (Monte Carlo simulation, Molecular dynamics)

  1. Z.-J. Liu and Y.G. Shen, "Effects of Amorphous Matrix on the Grain Growth Kinetics in Two-phase Nanostructured Films: A Monte Carlo Study", Acta Materialia 52 (3), 729-736 (2004).
  2. Y.H. Lu, Z.-J. Liu and Y.G. Shen, "Investigation of Nanostructure Evolution and Twinning of Nanocrystallites in Ti-Bx-Ny Nanocomposite Thin Films Deposited by Magnetron Sputtering at Low Temperature by Means of HRTEM and Monte Carlo Simulation", Acta Materialia 54 (11), 2897-2905 (2006).
  3. Y.H. Lu and Y.G. Shen, "Nanostructure Transition: from Solid Solution Ti(N,C) to Nanocomposite nc-Ti(N,C)/a-(C, CNx)", Applied Physics Letters 90 (22), Article Number: 221913 (2007).
  4. X.J. Hu, Z.-J. Liu, and Y.G. Shen, "Mechanisms of Amorphous-Phase-Dependent Grain Growth in Two-phase Nanocomposite Films: A Monte Carlo Analysis", Applied Physics Letters 92 (2), Article Number: 021910 (2008).
  5. X.J. Hu and Y.G. Shen, "The Roles of Grain Boundary and Interfacial Energies in the Grain Growth of Nanocomposite Films", Applied Physics Letters 94 (9), Article Number: 093111 (2009).

Prof. Dong SUN

Main Research Areas:
A. Robot control and network
B. Bio-robotics manipulation at micro-scale

  1. J. Chen, D. Sun, J. Yang, and H. Chen, "A leader-follower formation control of multiple nonholonomic mobile robots incorporating receding-horizon scheme," International Journal of Robotics Research, vol. 29, 2010.
  2. D. Sun, C. Wang, W. Shang, and G. Feng, "A synchronization approach to trajectory tracking of multiple mobile robots while maintaining time-varying formations," IEEE Transactions on Robotics, vol. 25, no. 5, pp. 1074-1086, 2009.
  3. D. Sun, and M. C. Tong, "A synchronization approach for the minimization of contouring errors of CNC machine tools," IEEE Transactions on Automation Science and Engineering, vol. 6, no. 4, pp. 720-729, October 2009.
  4. L. Jiang, D. Sun, and H. Liu, "An Inverse Kinematics Solution of Humanoid Robot Finger with Nonlinearly Coupled Joints," IEEE/ASME Transactions on Mechatronics, vol. 14, no. 3, pp. 273-281, June 2009.
  5. H. Huang, D. Sun, J. K. Mills, and S. H. Cheng, "Robotics cell injection system with vision and force control: Towards automatic batch biomanipulation," IEEE Transactions on Robotics, vol. 25, no. 3, pp. 727-737, June 2009.


Main Research Areas:
A. Surface polishing automation
B. Finishing of small components

  1. Tam, H.Y. and Cheng, H.B., "An investigation of the effects of the tool path on the removal of material in polishing", Journal of Materials Processing Technology, v210, i5, Mar, 2010, pp807-818.
  2. Yiu, K.-L. and Tam, H.Y., "An alternate approach to free-form surface fabrication", Journal of Materials Processing Technology, v192-193, 2007, pp465-469.
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  4. Zhang L., Tam, H.Y., Yuan, C.M., Chen, Y.P. and Zhou, Z.D., "An investigation of material removal in polishing with fixed abrasives", Proceedings of I Mech E Part B, Journal of Engineering Manufacture, v216, n1, Jan., 2002, England, pp103-112.
  5. Tam, H.Y. and Lui, C.H. and Mok, A.C.K., "Robotic polishing of free-form surfaces using scanning paths", Journal of Materials Processing Technology, vol 95, i1-3, Oct, 1999, Netherlands, pp191-200.

Dr. Zuankai WANG

Main Research Areas:
A. Microfluidics / BioMEMS
B. Biomimetics / Nanotechnology

  1. Zuankai Wang, Sau Yin Chin, Curtis Chin, Jessica Justman, Samuel Sia (2010). "Microfluidic CD4+ T cell counting device using chemiluminescence based detection", Analytical Chemistry. Highlighted in Chemical and Engineering News.
  2. Chen Li *, Zuankai Wang *, Pei-I Wang, Yoav Peles, Nikhil Koratkar, George Peterson (2008). "Nanostructured copper interfaces for enhanced boiling", Small, 4, 1084. * Those authors contributed equally to this work; Featured by Nature News.
  3. Zuankai Wang, Lijie Ci, Li Chen, Saroj Nayak, Pulickel M. Ajayan, Nikhil Koratkar (2007). "Polarity-dependent electrochemically controlled transport of water through carbon nanotube membranes", Nano Letters, 7, 697. Highlighted in Membrane Technology and Wiki.
  4. Zuankai Wang, Carlos Lopez, Amir Hirsa, Nikhil Koratkar (2007). "Impact dynamics and rebound of water on superhydrophobic carbon nanotube arrays", Applied Physics Letters, 91, 023105. Highlighted in Photonics Spectra.
  5. Zuankai Wang, Lijie Ci, Pulickel M. Ajayan, Nikhil Koratkar (2007). "Combined micro/nanoscale roughness for enhanced hydrophobic stability in carbon nanotube arrays", Applied Physics Letters, 90, 143117.

Dr. Patrick WONG

Main Research Areas:
A. Tribology
B. Nano/Micro Magnetic Control

  1. Wang W, Wong P L, He F and Wan G T Y (2007) "Experimental study of the smoothing effect of a ceramic rolling element on a bearing raceway in contaminated lubrication", Tribology Letters, 28(1), 89-97.
  2. F. Guo, and Wong P L (2006) "Theoretical prediction of hydrodynamic effect by tailored boundary slippage", Proceedings of the I MECH E PART J Journal of Engineering Tribology, 220, 43-48.
  3. F. Guo, and Wong P L (2002) "A multi-beam intensity-based for lubricant film measurements in non-conformal contacts", Proceedings of the I MECH E PART J Journal of Engineering Tribology, 216(5), 281-291.
  4. Wong P L, Wang R and Lingard S (1996) "Pressure and Temperature Dependence of the Density of Liquid Lubricants", Wear, 201, 58-63.
  5. Wong P L, Lingard S and Cameron A (1992) "The High Pressure Impact Microviscometer", STLE Tribology Transaction, 35, 500-508.

Dr. Kaili ZHANG

Main Research Areas:
A. Nano Energetic Materials, Nano Metals / Metal Oxides
B. Micropropulsion, Microheater

  1. S.K. Chou, W.M. Yang, K.J. Chua, J. Li, and Kaili Zhang, "Development of Micro Power Generators - A Review", Applied Energy, vol. 88, no. 1, pp. 1-16, 2011.
  2. Kaili Zhang, Y. Yang, E. Pun, and R. Shen, "Local and CMOS-compatible Synthesis of CuO Nanowires on a Suspended Microheater on a Silicon Substrate", Nanotechnology, vol. 21, 235602(7pp), 2010.
  3. Kaili Zhang, C. Rossi, M. Petrantoni, and N. Mauran, "A Nano Initiator Realized by Integrating Al/CuO-Based Nanoenergetic Materials with a Au/Pt/Cr Microheater", IEEE/ASME Journal of Microelectromechanical Systems, vol. 17, no. 4, pp. 832-836, 2008.
  4. Kaili Zhang, C. Rossi, C. Tenailleau, P. Alphonse, and G.A.A. Rodriguez, "Development of a Nano Al/CuO Based Energetic Material on Silicon Substrate", Applied Physics Letters, vol. 91, no. 11, 113117 (3pp), 2007.
  5. Kaili Zhang, S.K. Chou, S.S. Ang, and X.S. Tang, "A MEMS-based Solid Propellant Microthruster with Au/Ti Igniter", Sensors and Actuators A: Physical, vol. 122, no. 1, pp. 113-123, 2005.

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