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Dr. MAI, D.H., John


Visiting Assistant Professor

Contact Information

Office: AC1-B6624
Phone: +(852)-3442-8071
Email: johnmai@cityu.edu.hk

Research Interests

  • Bio/micro/nano fluidics
  • Dynamic nano-scale patterning
  • Rare cell detection and manipulation
  • Automating molecular diagnostic protocols


1993 BS in Aerospace Engineering UCLA, USA
1995 MS in Aerospace Engineering UCLA, USA
2000 PhD in Aerospace Engineering UCLA, USA
2006-2007 Post-doctoral Fellow, School of Medicine Stanford University, USA


2011-2012 Electronics & Optoelectronics Labs, ITRI Hsinchu, Taiwan
2007-2010 Vialogy Pasadena, CA, USA
2005-2006 Center for Aerospace Systems Technology, ITRI Hsinchu, Taiwan
2000-2004 Microwave Bonding Instruments Altadena, CA, USA
1997-2000 Jet Propulsion Lab (NASA/Caltech) Pasadena, CA, USA

Selected Research Grants and Contracts

  1. Principal Investigator on a "Contract Service for the Development & Assembly of Prototype Systems that can Detect Cancer in Clinical Trials." Industrial Technology Research Institute, Taiwan, 2011-2012.
  2. Dean's Fellowship for "A Biochip for Rapid Diagnosis of Urinary Tract Infections," Stanford University School of Medicine, USA. 2006-2007.
  3. Principal Investigator on "Prototype Development of a Micro-Klystron Amplifier," Department of Defense Contract# FA8650-04-M-1634. USA. 2004.
  4. Principal Investigator on "Microwave-assisted Packaging Platform for RF MEMS Switches," DoD Contract# FA9453-04-C-0219. USA. 2004.
  5. Principal Investigator on "Heat Dissipation Foundation for High Performance Microelectronic Cooling," National Science Foundation Award# 0339431. USA. 2004.
  6. Principal Investigator on "Cold Cathode Design for Miniature Traveling Wave Tube Amplifiers," DoD Contract# F29601-02-C-0078. USA. 2002.


  • IEEE Senior Member (2010)
  • Co-inventor on 6 issued US Patents (8,074,260; 7,651,025; 7,568,211; 7,385,512; 6,905,945; 6,809,305)

Professional Activities

  • Organizing Chair of the 2012 IEEE Nanotechnology Materials and Devices Conference.
  • Finance Chair of the 2012 IEEE International Conference on Nano/Molecular Medicine and Engineering.

Courses Taught

MBE4006 Consumer Mechatronics
MBE6108 Technology Transfer to Commercialization for Engineers
GE1329 From Small Inventions to Big Successes

Selected Publications

  1. Y Chen, P Li, PH Huang, Y Xie, JD Mai, L Wang, NT Nguyen, TJ Huang, "Rare cell isolation and analysis in microfluidics", Lab on a Chip 14 (4), 626-645. 2014.
  2. C Zhao, Y Xie, Z Mao, Y Zhao, J Rufo, S Yang, F Guo, JD Mai, TJ Huang, "Theory and experiment on particle trapping and manipulation via optothermally generated bubbles", Lab on a Chip 14 (2), 384-391. 2014.
  3. F Wang, H Yu, N Liu, JD Mai, L Liu, GB Lee, WJ Li, "Non-ultraviolet-based patterning of polymer structures by optically induced electrohydrodynamic instability", Applied Physics Letters 103 (21), 214101.
  4. KJ Huang, SJ Qin, ZC Bai, X Zhang, JD Mai, "Entropy-based separation of yeast cells using a microfluidic system of conjoined spheres", Journal of Applied Physics 114 (19), 194702 2013.
  5. CY Chan, PH Huang, F Guo, X Ding, V Kapur, JD Mai, PK Yuen, "Accelerating drug discovery via organs-on-chips", Lab on a Chip 13 (24), 4697-4710
  6. Y Zhao, W Liang, G Zhang, JD Mai, L Liu, GB Lee, WJ Li, "Distinguishing cells by their first-order transient motion response under an optically induced dielectrophoretic force field", Applied Physics Letters 103 (18), 183702.
  7. N Liu, W Liang, L Liu, Y Wang, JD Mai, GB Lee, WJ Li, "Extracellular-controlled Breast Cancer Cell Formation and Growth Using Non-UV Patterned Hydrogels via Optically-induced Electrokinetics", Lab on a Chip 2013 DOI: 10.1039/C3LC51247A.
  8. M Ouyang, WK Cheung, W Liang, JD Mai, WK Liu, WJ Li, "Inducing self-rotation of cells with natural and artificial melanin in a linearly polarized alternating current electric field", Biomicrofluidics 7 (5), 054112 2013.
  9. F Wang, H Yu, W Liang, L Liu, JD Mai, GB Lee, WJ Li, "Optically induced electrohydrodynamic instability-based micro-patterning of fluidic thin films", Microfluidics and Nanofluidics, 1-10 October 2013.
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  11. CM Chang, WH Chang, CH Wang, JH Wang, JD Mai, GB Lee, "Nucleic acid amplification using microfluidic systems", Lab on a Chip. Jan 2013. DOI 10.1039/C3LC41097H.
  12. HQ Chu, GM Wu, JM Chen, F Fei, JD Mai, WJ Li, "Design and simulation of self-powered radio frequency identification (RFID) tags for mobile temperature monitoring", Science China Technological Sciences, 1-7, Jan 2013. DOI 10.1007/s11431-012-5050-z.
  13. G Zhang, M Ouyang, JD Mai, WJ Li, WK Liu, "Automated Rotation Rate Tracking of Pigmented Cells by a Customized Block-Matching Algorithm", JALA, Nov 2012. DOI 10.1177/2211068212468582.
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Last modified on 27 February, 2014