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Department of MBE

Room Y6700, 6/F, Academic 1,
City University of Hong Kong,
83 Tat Chee Avenue,
Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong


Phone: (852) 3442-8420
Fax: (852) 3442-0172

What's New

JUL 2015
The results of the General Research Fund (GRF)/Early Career Scheme (ECS) 2015-16 have been released. The MBE department has a total of 18 successful applications, occupying 20.9% of the total amount of grants received by the College of Science and Engineering, and 12.8% among all units in CityU. A success rate of 62.1% has been achieved this year, which is much higher than that among all institutions and subject panels. (View the list of successful projects)

APR 2015
Our recent PhD graduate Dr. Yahua Liu, under the supervision of Dr. Zuankai Wang, has received the prestigious Materials Research Society (MRS) Graduate Student Silver Award at the 2015 Spring Meeting held on 6-10 April 2015 in San Francisco, California, USA. Dr. Liu is the first awardee from Hong Kong since the establishment of the award in 2002. (View Details)

NOV 2014
The results of the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) grants 2014 have been released. Dr. Xinrui Niu, Dr. Zuankai Wang and Dr. Yajing Shen have received NSFC grants for their projects, while Dr. Yong Yang and Professor Wen Jung Li’s projects have been funded under the NSFC/RGC Joint Research Scheme among CityU’s three funded projects. (View the list of successful projects) (See also “Three CityU joint research projects awarded $3m in grants” from CityU NewsCentre)

04 NOV 2014
Congratulations to Professor Dong Sun on being awarded the CityU Outstanding Research Award 2014. The University President congratulates him for the breakthrough that he has made in knowledge creation. It was suggested that Professor Sun’s work is especially significant as it helps to enhance CityU’s visibility internationally in the area of biomedical robotics. (View Details)

AUG 2014
The results of General Research Fund (GRF)/Early Career Scheme (ECS) 2014-15 have been released. The MBE department has a total of 15 successful applications, occupying 19.8% of the total amount of grants received by the College of Science and Engineering, and 11.9% among all units in CityU. (View the list of successful projects)

04 JUL 2014
Professor Chain T Liu was elected Academician of the Academia Sinica, a world-renowned academic institution in Taiwan which promotes and undertakes scholarly research activities in sciences and humanities. This year, only 7 scholars from around the world were elected as academicians in the division of Mathematics and Physical Sciences.

21 MAY 2014
Professor Dong Sun introduced his team’s HK$6-million research project on the manipulation of hematopoietic cells to improve the treatment of blood diseases such as acute myeloid leukemia to the media. (View Details)

MAY 2014
Introducing the Bioengineering major to public – 「這一科,學什麼」: 生命與科技的結合 – 生物醫學工程課程 (eTVonline RTHK)

16 APR 2014 - Innovation and Technology Scholarship Award 2014
Manufacturing Systems Engineering student Chan Hui Ling Rainbow has recently received the 2014 Innovation and Technology Scholarship Award. It is also the first time that CSE student was selected to receive the award since its introduction in 2011. Established by The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups and supported by HSBC and the Innovation and Technology Commission, the award aims to provide opportunities for undergraduate students to enrich their industrial and international experience through a series of overseas attachment, mentorship, service project and local internship (optional) programmes.

This year, a total of 25 science/engineering undergraduates from six local universities were selected to receive the award. (View Details)

02 APR 2014
Dr Raymond H W Lam presented his team’s research on the “smart” jacket which can detect heart problems and send out alerts to hospitals. (View Details)

04 JAN 2014
Prof. Ning XI and Prof. Dong SUN introduced their latest research in robotics and cell-based bioengineering in ATV’s programme. ("機械人時代", 時事追擊, 4 Jan 2014, starting from 4:07)

OCT 2013
Introducing the Nuclear and Risk Engineering major to public – 「這一科,學什麼」: 從台山核電站看核風險及應用 (eTVonline RTHK)

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