Free boundary problems arise in many physical, medical, and engineering models, for example, shock waves, vortex sheets, water waves, shape of stars in stellar dynamics,  multi-phase flow, reacting flow, biomedical modeling such as cell deformation and tumor growth and etc. It poses great challenges in the theoretical and numerical studies of free boundary problems. The study of free boundary problems of nonlinear partial differential equations has been one of the most important topics in applied mathematics. Important  progresses have been made for the study of these problems, yet some fundamental issues still need to be addressed and explored. 


The aim of this Workshop on Free Boundary Problems is to provide a platform for experts to share and discuss some of the latest trends and developments in fields of free boundary problems. This workshop will play an important role to stimulate further research on applied mathematics, and will act as a vehicle to stimulate and promote research in these important fields of mathematics.



Gui-Qiang Chen (Oxford University)

Emmanuele DiBenedetto (Vanderbilt University)

Tao Luo (City University of Hong Kong)

Henrik Shahgholian (The Royal Institute of Technology)

Juan Luis Vazquez (Uiv Autonoma de Madrid)

Xiaoping Wang (The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)



Dr Xianpeng Hu (City University of Hong Kong)

Dr Wei Xiang (City University of Hong Kong)


Last update: 29 June 2017