Minor in Mathematics

Programme Requirement & Structure

Curriculum Information

Adding/Dropping Minor

Period for Add/Drop of Minors Announcement of Results Effective Term for Add of Minors Effective Term for Drop of Minors
1 - 21 November 2018
From 6 December 2018
Semester B 2018/19
Semester A 2018/19
25 March - 15 April 2019
From 3 May 2019
Semester A 2019/20
Semester B 2018/19

Note: Requests for add/drop of minors must be submitted by midnight of the deadlines (at 23:59) and late requests submitted after the specified deadlines will not be accepted. Students can view the results of their requests for adding minors in AIMS, and no separate emails will be issued to students announcing the results.

Please refer to Academic Regulations and Records Office (ARRO)'s website of Minor for the latest information.

Minor Award

The minor awards for students who have applied for graduation will be verified by the Academic Regulations and Records Office when the course grades are available. After verification, the home academic units may then consider the proposed award classification for the students.

Course List

Courses Offered in 2018/2019

Students who wish to take a Minor in Mathematics should take note that they are required to fulfill the prerequisites of the required courses which include MA1200 and MA1201.  MA1006 is an exclusive course of these two prerequisites.  According to the Academic Regulations, students will be restricted from registration in a course when they have earned credit units for an exclusive course.  In this connection, students should not have taken MA1006 before they declare a Minor in Mathematics.

Last update: 07 September 2018