Application / Renewal Method

Application (for alumni without CityU Alumni Cards)

All alumni members must apply for CityU Alumni Card (issued by the Alumni Relations Office, ARO) before subscribing to and paying for Library Alumni Services. Holders of valid Alumni Cards may then apply/renew library service options. Please follow these steps:

  1. Submit all applications online.
  2. Visit ARO’s website to obtain CityU Alumni Card.
  3. Log in with your EID and password. Then follow online instructions.

Renewal of Subscription to Library Services

  1. Subscription to library services is on an annual basis. Renewals are also submitted online. Depending on the expiry date of the CityU Alumni Card, alumni may be invited to renew their CityU Alumni Card when subscribing to the library services.
  2. Log in to AIMS with your EID and password.
  3. Then, under the tab “Alumni Services”, click “Alumni Library Services”.
  4. Follow the online instructions to select a service package (either as a Borrower or a Reader), and to submit payment.
  5. Alumni members, who have already obtained valid CityU Alumni Cards, need to pay for library services only.


  • Note that a valid CityU Alumni Card grants your access to the University campus. Subscription to the use of library services requires additional payment.
  • Alumni will be automatically entitled to 12-month free Alumni e-Resources Service, if they:
    1. Update or confirm the Employment/Further Studies Information record, AND/OR
    2. Update the Personal Data For Communication record.
    3. The use of free e-Resources does not include access to the Library in person.