Renovation @ Run Run Shaw Library
Phase 1: Before Renovation
Phase 1: Before Renovation
Renovation: Phase One
Renovation: Phase One
Renovation: Phase OneRenovation in Progress
Renovation in Progress
12 Feb 2008
Library Forum: "Learning Commons - A Closer Look" - more information....
5 Nov 2007
Completion of Library Renovation ¡V Phase One - more information....

Video: Cruise vs CityU

Just like a cruise, City U offers multi function within a big structure. Cruise offers passengers a journey of adventure, while the university offers students a journey of lifelong learning.

Established in 1984, City Polytechnic of Hong Kong moved to Kowloon Tong in 1989. The ¡§City U Cruise¡¨ keeps moving forward and upgraded to university in 1994, and achieved a global ranking of 154 last year. In the last two decades, the number of City U students has surged from 6,426 to 25,000, while the collection of the Library has also expanded from 150,000 volumes to over 1,000,000 volumes. To cope with the changing of user behavior, technology, pedagogy and new challenges, such as the 3-3-4 scheme that will be implemented in 2012, the Library needs a major spatial reorganization.

To collect comments and suggestions from students and staff members, the Library launched a consultation forum in February 2007 and an exhibition on the Spatial Reorganization Project in March. In addition, the Library has also prepared an online survey on this project to gather more opinions from the university community.

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