Renovation @ Run Run Shaw Library
Phase 1: Before Renovation
Phase 1: Before Renovation
Renovation: Phase One
Renovation: Phase One
Renovation: Phase OneRenovation in Progress
Renovation in Progress
12 Feb 2008
Library Forum: "Learning Commons - A Closer Look" - more information....
5 Nov 2007
Completion of Library Renovation íV Phase One - more information....

Furniture Trial Zone

To cope with the new learning environment created after the establishment of the "Learning Commons", it is necessary for the Library to upgrade its existing facilities and furniture. In order to collect comments from our users, the Library has newly set up a "Furniture Trial Zone" in the Information Space. Users are not only invited to try on those furniture to be selected, they can also indicate their preference by placing their vote through a computer program.

Area A: "The Oval"
Area B: Media Zone
Area C: Leisure Corner
Area D: Newspaper & Magazine Area




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