Renovation @ Run Run Shaw Library
Phase 1: Before Renovation
Phase 1: Before Renovation
Renovation: Phase One
Renovation: Phase One
Renovation: Phase OneRenovation in Progress
Renovation in Progress
12 Feb 2008
Library Forum: "Learning Commons - A Closer Look" - more information....
5 Nov 2007
Completion of Library Renovation ˇV Phase One - more information....

A perspective of today's libraries

The Library would be a place where there is social interaction which leads to a positive experience of the university and where learning occurs best. It would provide comfortable seating, discussion rooms and even a coffee shop. It would offer a ˇ§window on the worldˇ¨, displaying cultural assets of the university, streaming news and providing personalized information through portal technology.

- Dr Kenn Fisher, Director, Learning Futures,
Rubida Research Pty Ltd

In fact, libraries of today are required to integrate what are now being regarded as major change drivers, including wireless, online journals, and more learner-centred pedagogies. Libraries from the other side of the earth to the one which only around 20 miles away from us, are all transforming from a traditional library setting to an environment that fits today users' demands. You can find in the following outstanding examples of renovated libraries from all over the world.

City Library of Chinatown, Seattle, USA
City Library of Chinatown, Seattle, USA
Customs House Library, Sydney, Australia
Customs House Library, Sydney, Australia
Koerner Library, University of British Columbia Library, Canada
National Taiwan University of Art Library, Taiwan
Seattle Public Library, USA
Shenzhen Public Library, PRC
Shenzhen Public Library, PRC
State Library of Victoria, Melbourne, Australia
State Library of Victoria, Melbourne, Australia
The British Library, UK
The Royal Library, Denmark
Suzzallo Library, University of Washington, Seattle
University of British Columbia Library, Canada

Being ranked 154th in the world, the University Library of City University of Hong Kong, is required to undertake major improvement to fulfill the modern university library functions and to support the university's learning philosophy as illustrated in the comic below. With the support of the University and UGC, we are on the way in pursuit of our dreams with you in establishing a superb learning and research environment in the Library.


Launched from 9-28 March 2007, the exhibition on our spatial reorganization project helps to provide a wider audience detailed information on the renovation project, such as library usage figures, spatial problems encountered by the Library, changing needs and information seeking behavior of library users, construction time frame, and possible disturbances caused by the renovation.

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