Access to E-Books on 讀秀學術搜索

  1. At the home of, click on 圖書 above the search box.
  2. Search in the field of full text / book title / author / keyword to find the book(s) you want.
  3. Click on the button Online Viewing button 1 or Online Viewing button 2 or the link 本館電子全文(包庫) to view the full text of a subscribed e-book online or click on the button Download E-Book button, if available, to download it (installation of SSreader 超星閱讀器 required).
  4. Please note that full text is available for many, but not all book titles.  When full text is not available, usually a preview of some starting pages is allowed (click on the Preview Pages button 1 or Preview Pages button 2 button). To request more pages of the e-book concerned via document delivery service, please click on the Document Delivery bytton button.

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