LandScan 2014 Global Population Database

The LandScan Global Population Database, developed at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory of the Department of Energy (USA), is a global population database that shows geographical distribution of population of one-kilometer resolution over an average 24 hour period. Offering the most accurate and reliable, geographically based, population distribution model, LandScan is a useful application in research, educational, humanitarian and corporate settings.

Utility of LandScan includes:

  • quick and simple assessment, estimation, and visualization of population at risk
  • age and gender demographics are integrated with population data to allow easy incorporation into risk and impact assessment models
  • valuable resource for Sustainable Development, Risk Assessment, Strategic Planning, Humanitarian Aid, Disaster Response and Disease Modeling
  • analysis tool for insurance, telecommunications and other business applications

LandScan can be accessed in the following ways:

  • via East View's Web Applications -- access for non-GIS (Geographic Information Systems) users via an easy to use Web Application accessible by anyone with a web browser
  • via WMS/WCS protocols -- access for GIS users to the data hosted via a Web Mapping Service and Web Coverage Service with any GIS software

For more information, go to:

Subject coverage: population distribution

Location: Web (remote access available)