Undergraduate Final Year Projects

Department of English and Communication

1999-2000 (Hardcopy only)
2000-2001 (Hardcopy only)
2001-2002 (Hardcopy only)
2002-2003 (Hardcopy only)

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CityU Student Final Year Projects

Undergraduate Final Year Projects of Department of English and Communication (1999-2000) - By Title

Project Title Student Name Record No.
An Analysis of the Role of the ESP Teacher ZHANG BennanENMAESP2000014
Contrastive Discourse in English and Chinese Press Stories: An Analysis of English and Chinese Coverage of The Right of Abode Issue LAW Kai Ming, JamesENMAESP2000008
Disciplinary Variation in the Case of Case Study LUNG Wing Yi, JaneENMAESP2000009
A Discourse Analysis of Advertising Language, Newspaper Reporting and Movie Language in the Media WONG Kai Hung, JerryENMAESP2000012
Genre Analysis on MPF Marketing Brochures from Major Service Providers IP Tsui Man, ShirmanENMAESP2000004
Genre Analysis on the Written Texts of Press Coverage of the World Trade Organization (WTO) from the Perspectives of the United States of America and China MOK Chung Ming, FloydENMAESP2000010
Genre Analysis: A Study of the Introduction Sections of Business Management Journal Articles YIU Hak Hung, RobertENMAESP2000013
Legal Problem Questions: Analyzing Rhetorical Structures and Strategies Using "IRAC" JENSEN Christian HenrieENMAESP2000005
Narrative Recalls of Cultural Children's Stories by Non-Native English Students in Hong Kong CHU Wai Ching, LydiaENMAESP2000002
News Coverage of Voilent Clashes Following the Court of Final Appeal's December Ruling on the Right of Abode: A Case Study of Language, Ideology and Strategy of the Hong Kong Press HA Lai Chu, IrisENMAESP2000003
Philanthropic Fund-Raising Discourse in Hong Kong LAM Sau LanENMAESP2000007
The Promotional Writers' Tool Box: An Analysis of Techniques for Selling Products and Services KWOK Suk YinENMAESP2000006
Renewal of the English and Communication Curriculum in the Institute of Vocational Education: A Case Study CHUI Yee ManENMAESP2000001
A Taxonomy of Puns in Advertising TAM Lai Wah,RebeccaENMAESP2000011


Undergraduate Final Year Projects of Department of English and Communication (2000-2001) - By Title

Project Title Student Name Record No.
An Action Research in the Role and The Effectiveness of Drama as an Educational Aid in Enhancing the English Proficiency of Lower Six Students in a Local Secondary School MIU Pui Yee, NancyENMAESP2001007
Alternative to the Use of Marking Symbols in Eradicating Students' Errors in their Written Work KHEMLANI M. SujataENBATESL2001005
Analysing the Use of English in the Hotel Industry ( Chinese Catering ) in Hong Kong LO Yeem Han, SandraENMAESP2001006
Brainstorming or Brainwriting? A Tryout of a New Pre-writing Idea-generation Technique in a Hong Kong Secondary Two Classroom KUNG Chun Kei JacobENBATESL2001006
Can English Be Avoided in Informal Conversational Interactions Between Hong Kong Chinese Students? TIN Wing Hong IvanENBATESL2001011
A Comparative Genre Analysis of Academic Programmes of Two Universities in Hong Kong CHIEH Suk Man, CandyENMAESP2001003
Contrasting Views of Test Content Validity: A Study of Teachers' Perceptions of a Proposed Classroom Language Benchmark Examination ( Language Proficiency Assessment for English Teachers ) in Hong Kong NG Wing YueENMAESP2001008
Discourse Analysis in Selling LAI Wai Sum, TonyENMAESP2001004
Does Accent Matter? Students' Perceptions of Hong Kong-accented ESL Teachers CHAN Chi Yeung ChrisENBATESL2001001
Effectiveness of Teachers' Feedback on Students' Compositions WU Yuen Tung HeloiseENBATESL2001013
Evaluating a Preparatory Course for the "Workplace English Benchmarking Examination" YEUNG Mo Ching, ShirleyENMAESP2001012
Exploring the Discursive Practices of Informed Consent for Clinical Trials CHEUNG Man Ying, GermaineENMAESP2001002
Feasibility of Using Films as Extensive Listening Materials in Hong Kong Classroom HO Lai Hung JessieENBATESL2001004
Hong Kong ESL Students' Preferences for and Attitudes Toward Teacher Feedback on Compositions MAK Wing Ka MonaENBATESL2001009
Investigating Hong Kong Secondary Teachers' and Learners' Beliefs about Useful Classroom Activities for ESL CHING Wai Man JimiENBATESL2001002
An Investigation of Specialist Competence in Logistics Management TSANG Woon Chiu, IrisENMAESP2001010
Investigation of Students' and Teacher's Perspectives on Silence in Hong Kong Female ESL Classrooms LI Chui Yan SusannaENBATESL2001007
Learners' Attitude to a Problem-based Learning (PBL) Writing Class CHENG Ka Yee, CarrieENMAESP2001001
Research on Communication Strategies Used in Explanations at Technical Stores TSE YanneENMAESP2001011
Second Language Anxiety and Classroom Activities: An Investigation of Hong Kong Students SO Lai Shan SusanENBATESL2001010
To Hedge or Not to Hedge: Certanity and Doubt in Answers to Legal Problem Questions LANGTON Nicola MaryENMAESP2001005
Use of WWW in the Hong Kong ESL Classroom TONG Kwok Man JoanneENBATESL2001012
Vocabulary Guessing Strategy: Implementation in a Hong Kong Secondary ESL School and Students' Attitude Towards It LI Yuen Man CatherineENBATESL2001008
Vocabulary Learning - Ways to Increase Students Vocabulary Word Power: Raising Students' Awareness of Using Dictionaries in Foreign Language Classrooms HO Ka Lai KarieENBATESL2001003
Why Foreign Exchange Traders Use Language The Way They Do: Integrating Discourse and Practitioner Perspectives SIU Chun Bun, RichardENMAESP2001009


Undergraduate Final Year Projects of Department of English and Communication (2001-2002) - By Title

Project Title Student Name Record No.
Analysis of Students' Participation in Jigsaw Reading Tasks Using Graphic Organizers WONG Wing Yee WinnieENBATESL2002009
Code-Alternation among Secondary School Students in Hong Kong SUN King Yan IvyENBATESL2002004
ESL Students' Reactions to Teacher Feedback on Writing in Hong Kong Classroom WONG Kin Ming ClareENBATESL2002007
Hong Kong Secondary School English Teachers' Understandings, Perceptions of and Perceived Difficulties in the Implementation of Communicative Language Teaching in English Language Classrooms LAI Sau Yee SallyENBATESL2002001
Implementing Pedagogical Innovations in a Hong Kong English Classroom WOERYANTO NelinENBATESL2002006
Investigation into the Use of Vocabulary Learning Strategies by Secondary School ESL Learners in Hong Kong LEUNG Yee Yan MayENBATESL2002003
Language Anxiety in Hong Kong ESL Secondary Classrooms TSUI Ka Ki JoENBATESL2002005
Local Students' Anxieties with Speaking in Class -- Can It Be Reduced by Group Work? WONG Oi Yee KimENBATESL2002008
Why Do I Want to Keep Silent, Even When My Teachers Want Me to Speak Up? : An Investigative Study of Students' Reticence in Hong Kong Classrooms LAW Suet Kam NancyENBATESL2002002


Undergraduate Final Year Projects of Department of English and Communication (2002-2003) - By Title

Project Title Student Name Record No.
Analysis of the Spelling Strategies Adopted and Spelling Errors Made by Local Junior Secondary School Students Learning English as a Second Language CHAN Ching Yee KatyENBATESL2003001
Comparative Study of Students' and Teachers' Views of Reading Strategies KO Ting Ting FionENBATESL2003006
Comparing Two Reading Instructional Strategies: How to Motivate Low-Achieving Students to Learn English in Hong Kong HO Tze Yin SandyENBATESL2003005
Designing, Piloting and Evaluation Authentic Listening Materials for Senoir Secondary Students CHENG Wai Yu GeorgeENBATESL2003003
English Speaking Anxiety in the Form One Classroom in Hong Kong SIU Yi Yan IrisENBATESL2003011
Exploring Effective Teaching Ideas for Helping Cantonese Speakers Learn Fricative Sounds LAU Yin Kwan LouisaENBATESL2003008
Exploring the Gap between Teachers' and Students' Views on Vocabulary Learning Strategies POON Tik Yee TeresaENBATESL2003010
Hong Kong ESL Students' Perceptions Towards their Project Learning Experience CHAN Hang JoshuaENBATESL2003002
Maintenance of the Swedish Language in the Swedish Community in Hong Kong LOFVENGERG Ahl Barbro ENBATESL2003009
Teaching Try out of 'Numbered-Heads Together' in a Hong Kong Junior Secondary Language Classroom WONG Yuen Ming MarjorieENBATESL2003013
To Investigate Hong Kong Male Adolescents' Pleasure Reading Habits CHEUNG Chor Man MavisENBATESL2003004
Try-out of Cooperative Learning in Two Hong Kong Junior Secondary Classrooms LAM Wa Lee IreneENBATESL2003007
What Determines Successful Learners and Unsuccessful Learners' Choice of Vocabulary Learning Strategies? WONG Ting Yan AmyENBATESL2003012