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Undergraduate Final Year Projects

Department of Computer Science

2000-2001 (Hardcopy only)
2001-2002 (Hardcopy only)

To locate these projects, please go to the Reference/Research Collections Room on 2/F of the Library. Proceed to the shelves labeled "CityU Student Projects (Undergraduate Level)". Retrieve them by the Record No. listed below. Student projects are not for loan. They are to be used within the Library ONLY.

CityU Student Final Year Projects

Undergraduate Final Year Projects of Department of Computer Science (2000-2001) - By Title

Project Title Student Name Record No.
3D Watermarking TSUI, Sai Pong Frederick CS BSCS 00052
Adaptive Multicast Routing for Heterogeneous ATM Networks HO, Kin Hon CS BSCS 00038
Any Server System WAN, Chi Ming Thomas CS BSCS 00104
Block-based Directional Prediction (Preprocessing of a Hybrid Image Compression) YUEN, Kin Shan CS BSCS 00034
Comparative Web-based Data Mining Tool for Rule Association AU, Oi Ching CS BSCS 00167
Cooperative Evaluaion Web-Lab (CEWL) LEE, Ngai Ling Sandy CS BSCS 00070
Data Miniing for Association Rule LUI, Tai Hung CS BSCS 00059
E-Shop Buillding Tool for Creating Electronic Construction Materials Store on Internet CHENG, Ka Chun Gary CS BSCS 00041
Hand Motion To Sound WONG, Wai Sze CS BSCS 00098
Image-Based Rendering SIU, Ming Kin CS BSCS 00133
Internet Agent Security KWOK, Tsun Ming CS BSCS 00169
Internet Co-operative Game and 3D Game Engine CHAN, Chi Kit CS BSCS 00125
Linking Real and Virtual Content using Hand Gestures TANG, Chi Chung CS BSCS 00097
Microcontroller/DSP decoder for MP3 LEE, Ka Chun Kenneth CS BSCS 00029
Mobile Agent on Efficient Reliable Multicast CHENG, Leung CS BSCS 00100
Motion Estimation for Video Compression AU, Wai Kit Jacky CS BSCS 00027
Multiple Web Servers Load Balancing and Session Management Analysis YIP, Chuen Ming CS BSCS 00106
Multi-Resolution Modeling Method for Transmission YUEN, Man Ching CS BSCS 00136
Relational Cube Development of Universal Data Warehousing LAU, Chi Hang CS BSCS 00058
Software Mobile Agents HO, Chun Wah CS BSCS 00074
Studying Database Design on Internet FUNG, Kai Ming CS BSCS 00009
Tutor in Fractions (TIF) LAI, Lik Yee CS BSCS 00117
Using Mobile Agent for Realtime Data Monitoring WONG, Hang Mei May CS BSCS 00124
Virtual Fish Tank FUNG, Ka Hang CS BSCS 00127
WAP Reservation System CHEUK, Man Cheung CS BSCS 00114
Web Browsing by Sound LAI, Lap Yi CS BSCS 00095
Web Enabled Embedded Operating System Kernel for Thin Server Applications PO, Lun CS BSCS 00023
Web-based Chinese Medicine Expert System LEUNG, Wai Pan CS BSCS 00018
Web-based Personal Organizer LEE, Bik Ki CS BSCS 00028
Web-based Securities Information System HUEN, Kam Tsang Matthew CS BSCS 00086
Web-Based Surveillance System SHUM, Yuen Ying CS BSCS 00096


Undergraduate Final Year Projects of Department of Computer Science (2001-2002) - By Title

Project Title Student Name Record No.
3D Virtual Sound CHAN, Kong PingCS BScCS 01103
3D Watermarking TO, Ho CheungCS BScCS 01046
3-Tier Development for MPF Application CHOW, Suk FunCS BScCS 01025
Collective Communication System for teachers, students and parents WONG, Wan ChiCS BScCS 01144
Collision Detection CHAN, Kwok OnCS BScCS 01104
Computer Aided Instruction in Database Design LAU, Kong LamCS BScCS 01058
Design and Implementation of a Virtual Space Museum HO, Shu NinCS BScCS 01069
Digital Image Watermarking Using Discrete Cosine Transform YEUNG, Ka LunCS BScCS 01050
Dynamic Extraction of Web-based Property Information TAI, Wai HanCS BScCS 01043
Electronic Guide Map for MTR Stations HO, Chin TungCS BScCS 01114
Embedded Video Editor with Enhanced Performance in Linux Platform CHAN, Kwun PoCS BScCS 01011
Evaluation on Various Wavelet Filters for Image Compression CHIU, Kar Ho CalvinCS BScCS 01018
Group Communication based on HTTP SHIN, Yeuk MingCS BScCS 01078
Horse Betting System LIN, Kwun YinCS BScCS 01082
Image-based Approach on 3D Modeling LAW, Pui ManCS BScCS 01142
Innovative ObjectSOAP Framework for Heterogeneous Web Services Applications LEE, Pui YanCS BScCS 01071
Intelligent Agent for Auctioning KWONG, Ming LeongCS BScCS 01121
Intelligent Communication Bridge(ICB) An Adaptive Communication System for Multimedia Data Exchange. PANG, Chi WaiCS BScCS 01101
Intelligent Logistic Printing Managament System (ILPMS) WONG, Wing NamCS BScCS 01072
Interactive Virtual Relighting of Real Scenes WAN, HoCS BScCS 01143
Lossless Still Image Compression Using Wavelet Transform NG, Wai HungCS BScCS 01045
Micropayment System NG, Chung Hei JockeyCS BScCS 01127
Mobile Object Location Management System LI, Ka ChunCS BScCS 01100
Object Persistence Library with Relational Database for Java CHAN, Fu Wah EdisonCS BScCS 01007
Object-Oriented CASE Tool LUI, Man WaiCS BScCS 01042
Online Artists Club LI, Sheung Lai SunnyCS BScCS 01030
Performance Evaluation of Rate Adaptive Protocol on Linux KWOK, Ka ChunCS BScCS 01004
Platform Independent Toolkit for Building Synchronized Multimedia Applications FOK, Chan KeiCS BScCS 01013
Private Electronic MarketPlace Agent CHEUNG, Chun Ming DavyCS BScCS 01073
Public Transports Routing System HO, Hing LunCS BScCS 01145
Query Language Translation from XML Query Language ( XQL) to SQL HO, Yui KuenCS BScCS 01057
Real-Time Multicast & Streaming Media Networks CHEUNG, Yick Tung DominicCS BScCS 01074
Security Consideration of Web Base Applications MAK, Tsz Yan AlvaCS BScCS 01091
Study on Mobile Agent for Real-time Data Monitoring KWAN, Kang LunCS BScCS 01098
Synchronization Solution for PDA Devices TO, Siu LunCS BScCS 01022
Systematic Test Case Organizing Tool CHAN, Ying Kwong EricCS BScCS 01160
Virtual Pet KWOK, Ka YiCS BScCS 01070