Special Booking Arrangement for CREATE! users

Please note that reservations of 3D Printing, 3D Scanning, Laser Cutting, Project Mapping, and Physical Computer Kit services cannot be made using the Booking System at the moment. To reserve, please send email to libemt@cityu.edu.hk or call us at 3442 6963, and specify your desired date and timeslot for a particular service. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.


Guidelines for Undergraduate Final Year Projects:


The Senate meeting in December 2003 resolved that research degree and professional doctorate students commencing their studies on or after 1 September 2003 will be required to submit an electronic version of their theses as part of graduation requirement. These electronic theses are maintained and made available to the University community by the Library. In line with the Senate's resolution, the Library would like to extend the practice of keeping electronic version to cover undergraduate project reports as well. Thus starting from June 2004, we will only accept electronic or "soft" copies of undergraduate project reports from those departments that wish to pass selected copies of undergraduate project reports to the Library.

As the soft copy of the selected undergraduate project reports will be maintained and made available by the Library through the Web, detailed specifications regarding the format of electronic project reports are provided and kept up-to-date by the Library. Thus we are providing these guidelines to help departments and students to prepare the files in the format ready for storage and retrieval.

While the copyright ownership of the undergraduate project reports remains with the students, in accordance with the University's Intellectual Property Policy, the University will, however, have a royalty-free and non-exclusive perpetual licence to use such materials for normal University educational and operational purposes. The abstracts, tables of contents and full text of the project reports will only be made accessible to the University community with appropriate authentication to ascertain the identity of individual users.

The Library will only accept selected undergraduate project reports sent by the Departments. Students must not make individual direct submissions to the Library.

CityU Student Final Year Projects